Saturday, November 24, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 8.1 - A Snake!

“Yes, every 4 shi chen1. So everyday we can harvest three times, or at least twice. Which is to say……”

Cheng Bi Yuan paused and pondered the implications deeply, “If we harvest twice a day, we can get approximately 10 chicken and 10 rabbits. We won’t eat all those ourselves. If we sell them in the market in exchange for money, that would help us out even more.”

Ye is right. Once we sold these chickens and rabbits, we will be able to hire a doctor to treat ye, and ye will be able to recover faster!” Mrs. Cheng looked at the man who had been bed-ridden for over half a month, she sighed deeply.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was quite aware of the dire financial situation of this family, she said gently, “I agree. Other than the vegetables and meat that we need, we should sell the rest for money. It would make it much easier to buy other goods.”

“That’s great. The market opens in three days. We will sell our produces then!”

The three of them continue to discuss their future plans until the three young children returned home before Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mrs. Cheng left Mr. Cheng’s house to prepare lunch.

After lunch, the three young ones went off to play on their own again. Cheng Xiao Xiao, on the other hand, returned to her own quarters and entered into the dimension.

She looked at her fully grown and fully covered vegetable field and smiled. She had finally came clean to her parents. From now on, she could produce products from the dimension without having to worry about making up excuses.

She had wandered aimlessly next to the pond. Staring at the pond that’s so clear you could see straight to the bottom, she couldn’t help but to smack herself on her forehead. How could she had forgotten to raise fish? This was good stuff. Her family could feast on them, and they could be sold for money.

Without further ado, she ran into her cottage and in front of her screen. She sold all the white radishes in the warehouse and converted the proceeds into fish larva for the pond.

Looking at the in-game currency that she had just blew through a third of them, she couldn’t help but said out loud, “Wouldn’t it be so nice if I spend these in the real world?”

“Replying host: you will be able to take the in-game currency out to the real world when your dimension has reached level 50.”

“What?!” Cheng Xiao Xiao was genuinely surprised, “The dimension can level up?”

Naturally, she had level up her farm when she was playing the game in her past life. She just didn’t expect the dimension could level up as well. The idea of being able to raise high level animals brought sparkles into her eyes.

She swallowed hard, and asked gently, “How do I level up the dimension? What do I need to do?”

“Replying host: host can provide new products or new animals needed by the dimension in exchange for leveling up. Every time the dimension level up, there will be new facilities!”

Was that how it worked?

Add new species to the dimension?

Cheng Xiao Xiao never would have imaged it. This was quite different than the previous version that she had played with, entirely different even. But, this flexibility was only more beneficial to her.

Learning that pleasant surprises would continue to appear in the dimension had made her very happy.

She strolled through the field and the farm one last time and left after she’d confirmed that everything was in good order.

After leaving her room and notifying her parents, she left the house. She wanted to see if she could really transplant new species into the dimension.

Never mind whether she would really level up the dimension, the fact that items in the dimension and the real world could intermix was more of a pleasant surprise to her.

She picked up her pace and couldn’t control the big grin on her face.

Leaving the house, she found a small stream. She could see green moss, a small and steady stream, and her siblings playing by the stream. She stopped and watched them for a while but didn’t go any closer. What could she collect into the dimension?



1.     Shi chen – time unit used in ancient China. One shi chen is the equivalent of 2 hours.


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  1. Thanks for the chapter can’t wait for the next one.

  2. They are so poor, don’t they even think that to suddenly got a lot of animals to sell will cause people to get suspicious.... why is it that the more I read it the more I find the novel is so illogical...

    1. They didn't even think of keeping some animals to breed as a front.
      At first I blamed their stupidity for them being nobles who were suddenly dropped to peasants but still this is common sense they're lacking.

  3. es cierto carecen de sentido común, y lo peor es que ya es común en varias novelas chinas que los autores carezcan de sentido común. gracias por traducir.

  4. Bringing a farm in another dimension

  5. Those are some hella nice parents! To explain the dimension they used Spell-casting, it seems magic is used in this world! LOL, well, their lack of common sense may come from the fact they were once nobles (if they actually were), as they perhaps had no knowledge of farming in the first place. I am really curious where this is going!