Saturday, November 10, 2018

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 5.1 - Revisiting the Mountains

She noticed that she didn't have much gold left, along with just a few bundle of hays remaining. She couldn't raise chickens and rabbits with hay. And if she didn't have the gold to buy them, she would have to grow them herself.

She couldn't vegetables or hays from other players when her dimension was independent. She needed resources, and neither buying or planting were good options right now.

How could she resolve the hay issue?

Just when she was wondering about this, a system voice resounded inside her head, “Replying host: At this stage, you can substitute white radish sprouts for hay.”

White radish sprouts?

Her black eyes beamed. She smiled and ran outside of the cottage immediately. Examining the ten fields of ripe white radishes, she had another question.

After the first harvest, she only saw white radishes in the warehouse, she didn’t see any white radish sprouts!

“Replying host: Host can instruct white radish sprouts to be converted into hay and send to the farm.”


Finally she was fully relieved upon hearing the last answer. One of the most important problem has been resolved. From now on, not only could she harvest white radishes, she also wouldn’t need to worry about having hay.

She sighed quietly and get to work. Immediately she harvested all the white radishes. She ran back inside the cottage to check, sure enough white radish sprouts had been converted into hay.

If white radish sprouts can turn into hay, surely anything that she grow from now on could also be converted into hay!

Second time harvesting white radishes, she had amassed tenths of pounds of white radishs inside the warehouse. If its just the family alone, this could last them up to ten days. But, of course, they would need more than just white radishes. She should do some resesarch on what other vegetables to grow.

Of the ten fields, she planted cabbage in five of them and garlic in the remaining five. Once she was done with the planting, she bought five more chickens and five more rabbits to raise.

Taking care of all these took her quite a bit of them. She was quite sleepy when she returned from the dimension. She fell asleep with her little sister in her arms.

The next day, after breakfast, Cheng Xiao Xiao and her two brothers picked up the machetes and the ropes and headed into the mountains.

“Big sister, are we going to go catch more chickens today?” Asked Cheng Zheng Bin with a big smile on their way.

It wasn’t just him, even Cheng Zheng Yuan looked longingly at his big sister. To the two kids, the chicken meat from last night was too delicious. Of course they would like to catch more chickens today.

Cheng Xiao Xiao glanced at her two brothers. Of course she could read their mind, she smiled and replied, “Okay, we will go look. If there are more chickens, we can go catch them.”

“Yay, big sister! From now on we can have meat every day!” Cheng Zheng Bin exclaimed excitedly.

Have meat every day?

That’s a wish?

Looking at how happy her two younger brothers were, Cheng Xiao Xiao had a bitter smile and sighed, What a simple wish!

The three of them quickly arrived at the same area that they were at yesterday. After they have stopped, Cheng Xiao Xiao did not immediately take her brothers to the cave. They took a quick break and letting her brother tend to the firewood needs first before they go “catch” chickens.


Random TN Note: Why did it seem like they didn’t go get firewood in days… then all of a sudden they are going daily?? How much firewood were they going through every day? And, if they spend all day gather firewood, when did they have time to farm / hunt / work… or otherwise bringing in food / resources for the family… if they didn’t have QQ farm? :S OR, am I just translating so slowly that my sense of time in the story is warpped? LOL


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  1. Well, they're just little kids. How much wood can they carry? I don't think I could carry enough to keep my fireplace stoked for more than a few hours, so I'm thinking they're very admirable for carrying any wood at all! ^_^

    1. Oh,I also have the same thoughts.They are just kids,the author just say firewood but in truth, what they gather were just bunch of branches that are scattered in the mountains.I don't think they can really cut any big trees out there to be made as firewood.But this is just what I think base on my experience.

  2. muchas gracias, creo que el sustento de la familia era el padre, el que realmente buscaría leña, como dijeron en capítulos anteriores ahora los niños ayudan a su madre buscando algo de leña. Son unas simples ramitas...

  3. If someone is reading this story and applying common sense, its not a good thing as the logistics went out the window a long time ago. As a reader you do not get the linkages or the flow of the story much. This has proven to be challenging so far, though I am just checking this story out to see if its worth reading.