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TWQQF ch 282 - Disturbance In The Middle of The Night; Looking For Spontaneous Fun (5)

The next moment, a silhouette dashed out from the second floor room like a flash of lightning. From the eyes of those standing underneath, it was as though he had landed from the sky. A vast and mighty threatening aura exuding from his body felt like it was about to blanket the heaven and earth.

Everybody standing around suddenly looked very frightened. At that moment in time, they felt a scarily powerful pressure coming from Old Man Ying.

Old Man Ying let out a long and persistent loud howl and it rattled the entire Willows. In that short period of time, he had completely broken through where he had been and now aiming toward even higher levels!

Cheng Xiao Xiao saw his appearance and also immediately felt his broad and powerful aura. Within a 100 yards diameter of him, all the qi in heave and earth vibrated violently around him.

This reminded her of the middle-aged man she ran into in the valley previously.

It was the same unsettling frightfulness and anxiety that she had felt before!

Of course, the Cheng Xiao Xiao now wasn’t the same as the Cheng Xiao Xiao from one and a half month ago. Even facing the aura of the current Old Man Ying, at least she wouldn’t be overly intimidated.


A voice that was enough to rock the heaven. Cheng Xiao Xiao along with all the audiences below all felt a sudden ringing in their ears. She steadied and recollected herself before given him a dirty look.


Slowly he retracted the qi exuding from his body and back to the happy and proud smile on his face, “Miss, not only did I fulfilled the assignment, I even went above and beyond. Don’t you think you should give me more awards?”

“More awards, my ass!” Cheng Xiao Xiao couldn’t be bothered with more responses.

Having said that, she was quite happy deep down inside. She thought it’d be quite an achievement if he could achieve advanced level martial emperor. She didn’t expect him to go all out and went all the way to martial monarch!

Granted, he has been working on this for a long, long time in addition to the 5,000 year old snow ginseng that he has received it today. So even though it was a surprised that he broken through so much, but it wasn’t entirely impossible if one thought about it some more.

Now that they have a martial monarch in their house, that was certain good news. Especially at the auction tomorrow they could certainly use his help to keep the situation under control.


Right then, just when those standing below thought it was all over, another loud and odd noise occurred. Everybody started shouting from being startled.

“Who? Who else had a breakthrough?”

“Oh my god, it’s Manager Zhou!”

“Manager Zhou had breakthrough too, there’s another martial king in our house!”

“This mystical qi is sure thick!”

“…..” Everybody exclaiming all at once, their voices filled with excitement.

All the mystical qi within a diameter of several hundreds of meters started to gather and rush into Zhou Jinjiang’s quarter as though they were being sucked by some unseen force. The qi around the area now was dozens times thicker than normal.

“HEHE, this is too incredible. Miss was being so generous today. How many folks will be able to level up today?” Old Man Ying paid close attention to the quarter next to his, but still has a normal look on him.

Cheng Xiao Xiao lifted the corners of her mouth and said with a nonchalant light smile, “Oh you want to know, old man. Why don’t you just keep on watching?”

“HEHEHE, then I shall keep on wait to see more pleasant surprises!”

Old Man Ying has been transformed now. As a martial monarch, even martial kings were nothing better than ants in his eyes.

As an employee of the Cheng’s, it did however befit him if there were more power players at the Cheng’s. At the very minimum he would be able to slack from time to time and waste his own time to take care of every little matters himself.


Everybody focused their attention intensely at the second floor room. Each and every single face was filled with excitement.

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