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TWQQF ch 278 - Disturbance In The Middle of The Night; Looking For Spontaneous Fun (1)

“Ask away!” Even though Zhu Xiangyu did not think particularly highly of them, but as a businessman by birth, he was also not in the business of just offending others casually.

Not to mention that he wasn’t looking at just one or two individuals, but a group of them, from all Nine Top Sects, all of whom were his customers. He has to entertain them at least for the sake of their Sect Leaders.

Elder Lin smiled without dwelling on that too much, “Mr. Zhu, as far as we know, Green Mountain Manor was the only entity that has business transactions with the Cheng’s. This auction that the Cheng’s are hosting is opened for everyone to attend. The reason that we stopped by here tonight was to see whether you can provide us with some insider information on the Cheng’s auction. Might you be able to do that?”

“Oh? So that’s the purpose of your visit?”

Zhu Xiangyu was a little surprised. He thought they were there for other matters; he didn’t expect they, too, wants to find out the Cheng’s pocket card.

As for what were the Cheng’s pocket hand, wouldn’t he like to find out too? It was just that…

The brat Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t someone you could beat around the bush with; one would have to watch out that she wasn’t beating around the bush with you!

He shook his head lightly and took a look at all the hopeful stares from the ones standing in front of him and said, “I want to find out as well; unfortunately, I wasn’t privileged to that information either.”

“What? That’s impossible!” Bagua Sect’s elder was the first to shout out in disbelief.

And he wasn’t the only one, the rest of them found that hard to believe as well.

Zhu Xiangyu had on a look of despise toward their doubtfulness. He didn’t bother to say much more, he really didn’t care about these so-called elders.

Monk Wudao and Nun Saochen didn’t have much reactions to that; it was almost as if they didn’t hear him at all.

Elder Su of Xiaoyao Sect was the only one who gave Zhu Xiangyu a deep, long look before he nodded and said, “They didn’t give you any heads up at all?”

“Yes, I am certain that the Cheng’s have a pocket hand. Unfortunately, they were unwilling to share prior to the event. They only said I will not be disappointed and that I should prepare sufficient capital. Nothing beyond that.”

Zhu Xiangyu told the truth, but only four of people there believed him. The rest of them either felt dubious toward his statement or didn’t believe him at all. But that didn’t bother Zhu Xiangyu at all. Believe it or not, that was their problem, not his.

“Amituofo1…” said Monk Wudao as he stood up. “Thank you for being straightforward with us, Mr. Zhu. We shall take off now. See you tomorrow!”

“You take care as well, Grandmaster!” said Zhu Xiangyu equally respectfully toward the representative from Shengseng  Sect.

Nun Saochen stood up as well. Lowering her head, she said to him, “Mr. Zhu, have a good night!”

“Same to you, Abbess!” said Zhu Xiangyu as he returned the salutation.

“We will see you tomorrow, Mr. Zhu!”

As the two representatives of the religious sects have taken off, the rest of the people didn’t stay behind either. One by one they bid Zhu Xiangyu farewell and went on their way.

Over at the Cheng’s, the few of the individuals were still arrangement matters for the very next days and going over items that they would need to pay special attention to.

Cheng Xiao Xiao sat on the sideline and mostly just listening in on the conversation. Basically her father Cheng Biyuan and Zhou Jinjiang were the ones making the calls. As for Old Man Ying, he strictly treated himself as a sideliner and just do as he was told instead of worrying himself about anything.

When everything was settled, it was almost 9 o’clock at night.

“Xiao Xiao, something else you’d like to add?” Cheng Biyuan rarely ever seen his daughter sat around for 4-6 hours, he couldn’t help but smiled and asked.

The other two also turned and looked at her, waiting for her to talk.

Cheng Xiao Xiao pouted a bit and said, “Dad, the saying ‘no good deeds go unpunished’ was so true! Hrm Hrm!”

“Oh yeah? What are these ‘good deeds’ that you are speaking of? You have some kind of pleasnat surprises up your sleeves?” smiled Zhou Jinjiang.



1. Think of it like the Buddhist version of “Amen”


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