Sunday, April 26, 2020

TWQQF ch 366 - Saw Through; Finishing Up With Constructions (1)

The reunion brought about another round of fresh emotions!

Mrs. Cheng and Cheng Huihui hugged and cried and neither one of them were able to talk for a long while. So much had happened that they didn’t even know where to start.

Finally, it was Cheng Xiao Xiao, who had been standing by quietly, filled her parents in on the what had happened to Eleventh Elder and his family.

Once Cheng Biyuan and Mrs. Cheng found out what had happened, they expressed to Eleventh Elder that he had been way too stubborn of his own good. Had he turned to them sooner, his family wouldn’t had been murdered, leaving just the three of them.

Cheng Yu was distressed but didn’t say much. What had happened had happened, being remorseful would not bring his family back.

They walked for longer and comforted each other about the days to come. No matter what, Cheng Yu was felt lucky that he still has a grandson left. At least he would still be able to pass on his family line.

The three of them had been arranged to stay at the guest quarters immediately outside of the Cheng’s main house. They have now officially joined the Qing’an Cheng’s.

Words that Eleventh Elder had been taken to Willows by Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun had quickly travelled to Emperor City’s Chengs. When the First Elder heard about it, he did not seem excited, but merely reacted nonchalantly.

The other elders dared not question him, not even Housemaster Cheng!

After a long while, First Elder finally broke the silence, “As far as Cheng Yu is concerned, let’s let him stay at with Cheng Biyuan peacefully for the time being. We will reach out to him after he had grew fond of that Cheng’s family!”

“That….” Housemaster Cheng looked at the First Elder quizzically; he wasn’t entirely sure what the First Elder has in mind.

The First Elder gave every one a cold look and slowly elaborated, “It is human nature to grow complacent when life is peaceful. We will give him a chance to grow attached to his peaceful life first, then he will have to pay the price to keep that peaceful life.”

His few words had enlightened everyone there immediately. Even though First Elder had nothing on Eleventh Elder, but he would be able to threaten him with what was close and dear to him when the time came.

Cheng Yutang, Housemaster of Emperor City Cheng’s, nodded and said, “We will follow your lead, First Elder. Let’s just monitor the development at Willows and leave them alone for the time being.”

“Good. And, don’t ever let me find out if anyone has the stupid idea to interrupt my plans. Or else!”

A cold and vicious qi exuded from First Elder and, immediately, everybody presence felt goosebumps. The difference between a martial king and a martial emperor was simply too great.

Nobody showed signs of going up against him and a look of contentment crossed First Elder’s face. Slowly, he recalled his qi.
“Alright, you are all dismissed. Remember to keep your men under control and nobody is allowed to go to Willows!”

“Yes, First Elder!”

Everybody got up and cupped their hands at First Elder as they leave the room.

This time, the First Elder did not take off right away. He stayed on his seat so, naturally, Housemaster Cheng dare not leave before him either. He just stood by his side respectfully.

“How is Bihua’s cultivation? Has he broken through to the next level yet?” asked the First Elder as he turned toward the Housemaster.

“Yes, First Elder, to answer your question….” Cheng Yutang frowned a bit and said, “This ungrateful brat has not been ambitious at all. He cares more about having fun all day long instead of focusing on cultivating. He is still a novice martial master.”

“Hrm, martial master? A 30-year-old martial master? And with all the resources at his fingertips? How is he not even a martial spiritualist yet? Are you really doing your job as a father?”

First Elder’s voice was deep, as though he was very unhappy about what he had just heard.

“Yes, First Elder. I will do all I can in the future to get him to focus on raising his cultivation level!”

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