Thursday, April 9, 2020

TWQQF ch 357 - Convinced to Move; Misunderstandings and Broken Heart (7)

As they were not rushing back on the same day, Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mo Xuanzun walked out of the courtyard and slowly strolled along this small town of about 10,000 residents.

It was the afternoon time and the streets were not busy with many people. The handsome man and pretty girl combination walking down the streets caught a lot of attention, but the two did not worry themselves about that. They made occasional stops on their way and made purchases when they came across something that they liked.

There were, naturally, bad elements in town, but none of them dare target the two of them. They knew innately that it was best not to target them; they only followed them from afar but didn’t dare to move any closer.

The town wasn’t very big and only had one main street. The two of them had been to all the stores before long; Cheng Xiao Xiao purchased a few interesting items and still felt that she didn’t have enough.

“If you enjoy this, I can come with you again next time!” Mo Xuanzun looked at her with his deep and meaningful gaze.

Cheng Xiao Xiao casted him a glance out of the corner of her eyes and pouted her red lips slightly. As she continued to walk on, she said, “Who said I like to shop? I can go anywhere all by myself!”

“But it’s better to have me with you!” smiled Mo Xuanzun. “It’s getting late, let’s get some food at an inn nearby. We will bring some food back with us for Eleventh Elder and his family afterward!”

“Alright!” Just from the look of the sky, it was getting late.

They quickly arrived at the inn in town. Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately felt that this inn looked very familiar; it looked too much like Lai Yue Inn in Daling.

Sure enough, when she looked up, the identify sign said “Lai Yue Inn” on it. This was another property owned by Green Mountain Manor.

No wonder they were coined the wealthiest entity in the world. No matter where they go, they would run into Green Mountain Manor’s properties. That was quite impressive.

Walking into the inn together, there were quite a few guests already dining there. Many of the guests looked up at them curiosity when they noticed them, but as soon as they made eye contact with Mo Xuanzun, they allturned away immediately, intimidated.

When the waiter noticed them, he quickly walked up to them, curtsied and asked politely, “Young master, Miss, are you here for dinner or overnight stay?”

Mo Xuanzun tossed him a small piece of silver and said, “Bring us some food first!”

“Yes, Young Master and Miss, this way please…”

Following the waiter, they were just about to climb the stairs to the second floor when they ran into the two elegantly-dressed young men walking down the stairs as they were chatting and laughing at the same time.

One of them caught sight of Mo Xuanzun and did a double take to confirm what he had seen. Then, with an excited look, he ran up to Mo Xuanzun quickly.

His companion noticed that as well and, when he saw the man in white, he too was surprised by the who he saw. Then, with a happy look on his handsome face, he walked towards them as well!

Shi xiong Mo!” Came an emotional and excited voice.

Mo Xuanzun, who was just asking Cheng Xiao Xiao whether they should spend the night there, was interrupted by the voice. He looked up and discovered the two familiar looking figures.

“Eh, what are you two doing here?”

Shi xiong Mo, it really is you! What are you doing here?” asked the man in brocade with a big smile.

The man behind him chimed in slowly, “Shi xiong Mo is on a date here. Are we interrupting, shi xiong Mo?”

“Chaoyu, Siwei, why are you two here?” Mo Xuanzun was equally surprised at the encounter.

Wang Siwei took a look at Cheng Xiao Xiao and was stunned. He smiled and asked, “Shi xiong Mo, are you going to introduce your friend to us?”

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