Wednesday, April 1, 2020

TWQQF ch 350 - The Event of the Statue; Saving Someone (7) [BONUS PART]

“You can tell me right now!”

“Stop talking, let’s go!”

The two hopped onto their individual mystical beast and left Willow Village immediately.

In order to save the people, the two headed toward Mocheng Province and little Yuteng appeared and sat on Cheng Xiao Xiao’s shoulder. When Mo Xuanzun saw that he wanted to hop over to her and really study the little human.

Smiling, little Yuteng toyed with the fly swatter in her hand, which made Mo Xuanzun wanted to get close to her even more.

At the same time, a letter arrived at the Palace of Immortal Beast up on the snowy mountain. The recipient of the letter, Gong Zixuan, laughed so hard that tears were rolling down her face. Mrs. Gong and Jun-er were both very curious what was said in the letter to make Gong Zixuan lost her form.

“Miss, what is going on?” Jun-er didn’t ask to read the letter; she directly asked about the content of the letter.

Mrs. Gong looked at her daughter with a slight smile and asked tenderly, “Xuan-er, what did your shi xiong Mo write about that made you laughed so heartily?”

“Mom, this was too funny. Just like I have said before, shi xiong Mo and sister Xiao Xiao were meant for each other!” Gong Zixuan covered her mouth with her hand but still couldn’t stop smiling as she spoke.

“Oh yeah? What happened? Are they a couple now?” Mrs. Gong was a bit surprised.

Jun-er’s eyes widened and asked in disbelief, “Miss, are you serious? Mr. Mo really fell for Miss Cheng?”

“True indeed. Plus, turned out that shi xiong Mo had already met sister Xiao Xiao before he visited us last. He just didn’t know that she was sister Xiao Xiao. Hi didn’t realize that the one he had been longing for this entire time was sister Xiao Xiao. That was just too funny!”

“Oh!” Miss Jun-er let out a small cry.

Mrs. Gong was a bit surprised and asked, “Xuan-er, you mean Mo Xuanzun had already met Cheng Xiao Xiao in the past?”

“Yes, mom. Shi xiong Mo had ran into sister Xiao Xiao at the old residence of shi bo1 Mo and shi shen2 Mo in Plum Valley. At the time sister Xiao Xiao was injured by some unknown person and shi xiong  Mo saved her.”

“Oh? I didn’t think there would be such a back story between them!” smiled Mrs. Gong, “So what is Mo Xuanzun’s plans going forward.”

“He thought was to have shi bo Mo and shi shen Mo to make a trip to Willow Village to meet sister Xiao Xiao!”

“Oh, he was quite serious then. This Cheng Xiao Xiao is quite lucky!” smiled Mrs. Gong. Suddenly, she casted a sideway look at her precious daughter and asked, “Xuan-er, you sure you are okay giving up on Mo Xuanzun?”


1.      Brother of one’s master (as in teacher)

2.      Wife of said brother


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  1. What you're telling me is we'll see hell when they meet because she stole his fathers herb garden?