Friday, April 17, 2020

TWQQF ch 361 - Couldn't Help Herself and Rushed Home (1)

“Yes, I am Yuteng!” Nodding, little Yuteng looked straight at the anxious man in front of her.

At this moment in time, Mo Xuanzun didn’t care about studying this little human. All he had was one person in mind. Impatiently, he asked, “Where is Xiao Xiao? Little Yuteng, where can I find Xiao Xiao?”

“Do you really wish to see Young Mistress?” little Yuteng pouted and grumbled at him, “You made Young Mistress unhappy. She cried, she cried so much her eyes were red and puffy. When Young Mistress is unhappy, little Yuteng is unhappy too!”

“Ugh, Xiao Xiao cried?” Mo Xuanzun paused for a while and asked eagerly, “Where is she? Lead me to her, quickly!”

“Do really want to go inside to look for Young Mistress?” little Yuteng asked him again as she played with her fingers. Her onyx-like eyes rolled around as though she was plotting something.

“Yes!” replied Mo Xuanzun definitively.

Little Yuteng cocked her little head and thought for a while. She blinked her watery eyes and asked, “Do you have any mystical stones on you? The more the better. Any other precious items will work as well!”

“Yes, I have some. Take all you want!” Mo Xuanzun fished out everything he had on him and handed them all over to little Yuteng without thinking.

Little Yuteng took all the items from him and, looking at his longing look, said, “You wait here, I will be right back!”

“Okay, I will be waiting right here for you to return. Just take me to Xiao Xiao!” There were no doubts in Mo Xuanzun’s mind. He trusted little Yuteng and he trusted that she would take him to Cheng Xiao Xiao.

Little Yuteng’s body disappeared into the night.

After she left, Mo Xuanzun felt more anxious and worried. Without realizing it, he was pacing back and forth on the peak of the mountain as he mumbled to himself, “Xiao Xiao is being so naughty. Why couldn’t she just trust me. Can she not tell my feelings for her? Is that that silly? I can understand if it was someone else she didn’t trust, but she should trust me!

“Oh, so she cried. How silly! She cried so much that her eyes were red and puffy. That can’t be good for her. That wasn’t nice. When I saw her in a bit, I must lecture her on that. That wasn’t right. If she had any concerns, she should have just asked me directly and not be sad by herself. Why is she so silly?

“Aye, I wonder how much longer little Yuteng is going to be? I must clarify everything with Xiao Xiao. She’s the only one that I have fallen for. Shi mei Gong is just like a sister to me. Oh, Xiao Xiao. Why are you so petty? Why didn’t you just tell me that you have feelings for me too? Luckily I already know that you have feelings for me. Such a silly girl. A silly girl that makes me worry about her. Aye….”

He mumbled and shook his head and sighed as he paced back and forth. He felt as though he was thrusted into a labyrinth and he was just walking around blindly and aimlessly around inside of it.

About 15 or so minutes later!

The man who had walked in circles about 50 times or so finally stopped and he immediately noticed that little Yuteng had reappeared. He walked quickly toward her excitedly and asked, “Well, little Yuteng, are you going to take me to Xiao Xiao now?”

“I can take you to Young Mistress now, but…”

Little Yuteng looked around them carefully as she talked, as though she was worried that someone else would overhear their conversation.

Mo Xuanzun understood her meaning right away and set an invisible border around them before he asked, “Alright, you can talk now. Nobody will be able to overhear our conversation.”

“Okay, guye, I can take you to Young Mistress, but you will enter into a sacred contract with the Young Mistress. Are you going to be okay with that?” asked little Yuteng with her eyes widened and looking straight at him.

“Sacred contract?”

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