Friday, March 29, 2019

TWQQF ch 43.1 - The Plot to Rob

“Grandpa, is that true?”

Ning Xunzong’s eyes widened with a look of disbelief. He never would have thought that at a remote place like his home town there would be a mythical well. This was ridiculously good news.

Never mind the Ning’s, even the School of Divine Condor didn’t have a mythical well. His mind was starting to churn.

Old man Ning nodded, “Of course it’s true. Ko Yang went to the Cheng’s himself. He saw the mythical well with his own eyes and tasted its water before he reported back!”

“That’s excellent!”

Ning Xunzong was about to clap from excitement. Overjoyed, he said, “Grandpa, spend some money and buy the well from the Cheng’s, then it will become our mythical well. Then I will report this to my instructors and many at the school will know of me, Ning Xunzong. The instructors will treat me even better and reward me with my mythical stones for cultivation. I will breakthrough to martial spiritualist in not time. Nobody will look down on me again then! Right, grandpa?”

“Well…” looking at the overjoyed grandchild, old man Ning wasn’t sure what to say. He didn’t think his idea was to buy the well. They were not idiots, why would they sell the well? Not to mention that they wouldn’t even sell them mythical animals right now, let alone the well.

“What’s the problem, grandpa?” Looking at the awkward look on his grandfather, Ning Xunzong finally realized that things might not go as well as he had thought, “Grandpa, are you saying that they are not will to sell?”

“Of course not!” Old man Ning shook his head helplessly and told him what had transpired at the Cheng’s, along with the fact that they wouldn’t even sell them their mythical animals.

“So the Cheng’s are residents of Willow Village? And Mr. Cheng is a martial master?”

This was when Ning Xunzong finally realized the ones they were dealing with weren’t some ignorant fools. They were not easy targets. But, the thought of the well made his heart pound and his eyes flickered in greed. All sorts of thoughts rushed through his head.

After a long while, light of determinations and maliciousness beamed from his eyes, “Grandpa, we will offer them a good price. If they don’t know what’s good for them, we have our ways!”

“Zong’er, you mean…”

Old man Ning could tell right away that he meant to take it with force. His heart sank. Old man Ning was a very well respected man in this small town and he had never committed something so evil. He found his grandson’s suggestion hard to accept.

“Grandpa, what’s the problem? Treasures should always go to the strongest. Plus, even if we don’t move on it, others will, once they found out about it. Then it will be harder for us to act!”

“It’s just simple survival of the fitness. So what we have to plot for something nice? Grandpa, you worry too much. It’s each man for themselves. Why should we cower?”

Ning Xunzong was fairly familiar with old man Ning’s personality. He never thought there was any problem with it until he started studying at the School of Divine Condor. It always preached the philosophy of survival of the fittest. At the end of the day, its always about who’s the strongest.

Nobody would be gentle to you because you were a nice person; quite the contrary, they would take advantage of you. After being at the School of Condor for over a year, the once simple-minded Ning Xunzong had changed. He had learned to take what he wanted. That had became the new normal for him.



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  1. So he used to be sweet then school ruined him? That's so sad. Usually this type of arrogant young master was at least spoiled into this state, but this one seems to have been bullied into it.

    1. Shouldn't have sent him to that stuck-up school in the first place. LOL

  2. If Grandpa survives he will wail cursing the Condor School with all his might and if he has any future grandchildren he will tell them that they can go to any cultivation school that will take them except the Condor as doing so would be the equivalent of cutting off their own road!

  3. At first, I thought it might be the young Ning as ML because of his school's name, but after this I'm saying NOPE. He has all the wrong temperment for a ml.

  4. Poor grandpa, your nephew is so narrow minded and has a short vision.