Saturday, March 16, 2019

TWQQF ch 36.2 - Time to Act

Deacon Lin had a barbarous look in his eyes. He was the dangerous kind and will use any means to get what he wanted.

Deacon Bai, aware of what kind of person he was, frowned but didn’t say anything otherwise. After all they haven’t been able to located them all this time, they were running out of options. So, in order to locate the Cheng’s, this was necessary.

Innkeeper Zhu was worried and couldn’t help but to say, “Dr. Xu was pretty well respected among the town folks. You don’t want to stir up too much trouble.”

“Tsk, a town several thousand of townsmen, so what if he is well-respected? Our master has more servants than men in this town, what do I care about this old man Xu? He will cooperate if he knows any better!”

“I don’t think we should cause too much of a ruckus before we learned on the Cheng’s background!” Deacon Bai gave his ruthless partner a sideway glance and said in a deep voice.

Innkeeper Zhu agreed whole-heartedly. After all, he had been living here for tens of years and this was his town. Besides, if things blew up and other townsmen found out he had to do with all these, he wouldn’t be able to face them ever again.

Deacon Lin is cold-blooded, but not murderous. He sneered and didn’t insist any more.

“Nobody else other than Dr. Xu had been to the Cheng’s?” asked Deacon Bai.


Innkeeper Zhu thought over all the gossips in the last couple of days. He hesitated for a bit and said, “I heard that the pharmacy apprentice Shen Tang had been booted out of Huichun Clinic, but I don’t know whether that was true.”

“Kicked out of Huichun Clinic? Is that true? Do we know why?”

“Words had it that he leaked some personal information about some patient. I don’t know the details!”


Deacon Bai looked concerned upon hearing this news. Deacon Lin and Innkeeper Zhu didn’t understand what was bothering him and why the sudden reaction.

Innkeeper Zhu asked in a lowered voice, “Deacon Bai, what’s the matter?”

“If this was true, I’m afraid someone had already been to the Cheng’s. We are already late!” Deacon Bai had a solemn expression.

“What do you mean?” Deacon Lin still didn’t catch the implication of this.

“I mean someone had already found the Cheng’s through Huichun Clinic’s pharmacy apprentice!”

Deacon Bai had a complicated expression. He then looked at Innkeeper Zhu and continued, “If Innkeeper Zhu have heard that Dr. Xu had make house calls to the Cheng’s; then other would have heard of it as well. We could gathered that the other party had also been rejected by Dr. Xu but then paid off his apprentice for the information. Which was why Dr. Xu kicked him out after finding out about it.”

And Deacon Bai had figured out what exactly had transpired.


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  1. Thank you very much~ But maaaan, I hope nothing happens to the Doctor.

    1. If I were them I wouldn't bother with the Docter and his stuffy integrity.I'd hunt down the apprentice. After all he already sold the information once, and now that he's out a job and probably desperate he'll likely take a cheap bribe.

    2. Or just kidnap and torture him for info. LOL

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