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TWQQF ch 40.1 - Who's the Strongest

“We understand!”

Cheng Biyuan nodded and Innkeeper Zhu looked happy. Deacon Lin looked less unhappy while Deacon Bai waited quietly, he knew he hasn’t finished what he was going to say yet.

As expected, Cheng Biyuan continued, “Gentlemen, to be honest, Deacon Ko from the Ning’s visited us a few days ago and he had the same proposal. We are in a pickle here.”

“Deacon Ko from the Ning’s?” Innkeeper Zhu was truly surprised.

Both deacons looked concerned. They knew someone had located the Cheng’s before them, but they didn’t think it was someone from the Ning’s.

“Yes, Deacon Ko from the Ning’s!” Cheng Biyuan got the sense that they didn’t believe him fully, so he continued to explain, “My wife and my daughter ran into Deacon Ko the first time they went to the marketplace. He was the one who purchased our goods.”

Even though Innkeeper Zhu had not heard of this previously, he believed Cheng Biyuan’s words. After all, the Ning’s beat them to the Cheng’s, that would confirm that they have also noticed that products from the Cheng’s possess mythical properties.

He didn’t want to make the call, so he looked at Deacon Bai standing next to him. Deacon Bi frowned and said to Cheng Biyuan, “Mr. Cheng, you should sell to the highest bidder. We are will to pay one teal over what the Ning’s are paying you. We hope you will make the right decision!”

“We have recently planned to sell some of our produces and farm animals, but we are not quite ready to part with them just yet!” Cheng Biyuan casually changed the subject instead of giving him a definitive answer.

Deacon Bai stared at him intensely and said in a serious tone, “Mr. Cheng, your produces and farm animals are exactly what we need. We hope you will sell them to us, we promise you will be happy at the price. Furthermore, we will like to purchase any further goods that you will have in the future.”

“I believe in your sincerity, gentlemen,” Cheng Biyuan looked at them without revealing any of his thoughts, “But, the Ning’s left the same message. This puts me in a very difficult situation!”

“What do you mean?” Deacon Lin was not holding back anymore. A freezing look from his eyes and he coldly said, “You are just a martial master, you think you can guard these goods of yours? Do you know what it’s meant by innocent person, guilty jade?”1
Deacon Bai turned white and Innkeeper Zhu was also shocked by his words. This was no way to negotiate, this sounded more like the behavior of a bandit!

“You are right, I am but a martial master, if you want to take my goods by force then go right ahead!” Cheng Biyuan’s smile turned cold. He said with despise, “Let’s see if you are able to take my goods by force!”

It was all over. Deacon Bai thought to himself. This was a wasted trip!

Innkeeper Zhu looked bitter, he wanted to say something, but he wasn’t sure what he could say.

Cheng Xiao Xiao calmly observed as the entire scene unfolded in front of her. She looked directly at Deacon Lin and found him to be ridiculously arrogant. He was just a hired hand, but he certainly act like he was the high-up master and looked down on everyone as though they are beneath him.

“Oh, you don’t think I will?” said Deacon Lin coldly with a cruel smile.

Cheng Xiao Xiao was finally angered. She tried her best to suppress her anger and said nonchalantly, “You want to kill the chicken to get the egg? Do you really that’s what your master would want you to do?”


Deacon Lin’s look could make hell freeze over. Cheng Xiao Xiao met his gaze in stride and lightly said, “Don’t treat others like they are your slaves. This is a business discussion and you should treat it as such. You are not going to get what you want if you resort to violence. Perhaps we don’t have the ability to guard our own good, but I trust that there are others out there who are willing to help us guard them, won’t you say?”



1.     Means the person was innocent, but the possession of valuable goods make you guilty, meaning having precious goods will attract trouble.


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