Thursday, March 28, 2019

TWQQF ch 42.2 - Unreasonable Ask

Mr. Cheng was but a martial master, he couldn’t have been able to fight off two martial masters. So why were they still gone? Were they hurt and they were hiding somewhere to take care of their injuries?

What should he do? Should he go to the Cheng’s to check it out? Or keep waiting?

All sorts of crazy ideas popped into his head. Innkeeper Zhu couldn’t focus on his business. He kept staring at the front door and hope to see the two familiar silhouettes.

House of Ning!

Young master Ning had finally returned!

Not jus the young master Ning Xunzong had returned. He also brought with him two other students from the School of Divine Condor. From their arrogant manner, one could gathered that they were of high status.

But the Ning’s didn’t mind that. After all, the Ning’s was an insignificant place to them. It was already a great honor for them to accompany Ning Xunzong’s return. The Ning’s could only do all they can to kiss up to them.

Only old man Ning wasn’t too happy about it. However, he didn’t make a fuss over it because of his grandson. After all, they were here as guests and there was nothing wrong to be polite to your guests.

After having the butler settle the two proud guests into the guest tower, old man Ning summoned his precious grandson into his study. The two of them have yet to have a real conversation.

Old man Ning asked about his days at the School of Divine Condor and Ning Xunzong described the incidents at the school in a lively manner. He looked of both envious and respect, looking up to those from high status families and had high accomplishments in martial arts.

Old man Ning listened with a smile and did not interrupt but he sighed inwardly. Even though his grandson was a beginner martial master, but it sounded like he was just middle of the pack at the School of Divine Condor. Many of his peers were already advanced martial master. And a few that were older had already achieved martial spiritualist, his grandson was nowhere close in accomplishment.

“Grandpa, your sent words for me to come home right away. What was the matter? I didn’t notice anything going on with the family, so why was I summoned?”

Ning Xunzong was puzzled. He thought something had happened with the family so he took time off from the instructor and rushed home. He didn’t expect that nothing had happened at home.
After the question, old man Ning took a meaningful look at his grandson and, with a tender smile on his aged face, said, “It’s good news. I asked you to come back because I want to match you to a good marriage!”

“What? Matchmaking? No way!” Ning Xunzong jumped up from the chair. His handsome face turned blue and white. Angrily, he said, “Grandpa, that’s no joke. I don’t want to matchmaking right now! I want to look for a woman of my choice!”

“Zong’er…” Old man Ning had not expected such a strong reaction from his grandson. He frowned and said, “Zong’er, let grandpa finish!”

“No, I am not listening. Grandpa, this is non-negotiable. I already have a lover. I don’t want matchmaking!” said Ning Xunzong loudly and looking at his grandfather defiantly.

“Nonsense!” Old man Ning’s face dropped. Looking at the defiance and indignant on his grandson’s face, he was starting to soften.

After all, who didn’t want to marry a woman of their own choice? Even old man Ning was young once, he understand how his grandson was feeling. That being said, he didn’t want to give up on what the Cheng’s has either.

“Zong’er, you sit down first. Let grandpa tell you something!”


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  1. i don't think father Cheng will agree his daughter to be married to untalented and arrogant young master. tsk

    1. One who already has a lover and resents our girl for being a possible match at that. Just would be asking her to live as an unfavored wife, tsk tsk.

    2. You forget that her mom cant wait to pawn her off on the first man she sees

  2. You want me to marry? Bye bye
    /enters dimension

    1. LOL. Or just get rid of the mythical animals and all of a sudden she won't be so desirable after all. ;)

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