Wednesday, February 19, 2020

TWQQF ch 322 - Bribing The Family; Grilled By The Parents (7)

Truth be told, the 9th Elder felt like he was stuck between a rock and a hard place. He didn’t know how he should interact with Cheng Biyuan.

If Mo Xuanzun hadn’t shown up, he could appeal to him with the family and make promises of adding the back into the family genealogy; he didn’t think Cheng Biyuan would object to that. After that he would be able to just stay behind and complete his mission assigned to him by the Housemaster and the First Elder.

After what had taken place today, he had a feeling that it might not be easy to complete his mission from the Housemaster and the First Elder. And if he just return now, he wouldn’t be able to answer to them, so he just sat there and watch the others took off one by one.

Cheng Biyuan noticed that he had no intention to take off; he certainly had no intention to engage with someone like him. He had a lot more pretty issue that needed taken care of than to sit here and idly chitchat with him.

“I apologize, Ninth Elder, I have other matters that need my attention so I am going to take off. You have a nice day!”

“Wait!!” Seeing that Cheng Biyuan was about to get up and leave, Ninth elder had no choice but to say something.

Cheng Biyuan looked coldly at him with a sideway glance and asked nonchalantly, “What seems to be the matter, Ninth Elder?”

“Cheng, Biyuan….”

As soon as he started, Cheng Biyuan frowned and interrupted him directly, “Excuse me, Ninth Elder, I think you should stick with referring to me as Housemaster Cheng or Lord, either way will work!”

“Cheng Biyuan, are you really going to turn your back against your clan?” Ninth Elder was enraged from embarrassment.

“What did you say?”

Cheng Biyuan’s face was stone cold. He looked squarely at the man  in front of him and said in a deep voice, “You suggest you get out now if you don’t want to be thrown out. You are not welcomed at the Cheng’s!”

“You!!” Confronting the aggressive Cheng Biyuan, Ninth Elder dare not blow up with anger. After all, he was but a martial spiritualist but Cheng Biyuan was a martial king. Anyway you look at it, it would not end well for him.

He was no longer the Cheng Biyuan from years ago and has no need to be overly respectful for an elder. Contrarily, they were in opposing positions. There were much histories, both good and bad, between.

“I am well aware of what kind of people you are, whether it was ten years ago or today, I have a pretty good idea. Stop wasting your time and get the hell out of here!”

Having said that, Cheng Biyuan took off immediately and leaving Ninth Elder in the living room by himself. The enraged Ninth Elder had nobody to take his anger out on so he had no choice but to leave angry.

Inside the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t know how long she had been standing there. When she finally came to, she looked up and noticed that all the fruits on the crystal fruit tree seemed to have grown a little more.

“Young mistress, quick, take out the mystical stones and we can level up the dimension again!” reminded little Yuteng.

Speaking of the mystical stones, Cheng Xiao Xiao’s eyes beamed brightly and she said happily, “Okay, I will go get them right away. We must have a lot by now!”

Exciting to level up the dimension again, Cheng Xiao Xiao immediately flashed out of the dimension.

“Brother-in-law, how many swordsman choreography do you know? Which is the most powerful one?”

“Brother-in-law, will you teach us swordsmanship too? I want to learn how to swing a sword too!”

“Brother-in-law, Xiao He He refused to fly any more. Will you scold it for me, brother-in-law?”

As soon as she flashed out of the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao could hear her siblings’ voices immediately. Since when have they became so familiar with Mo Xuanzun?

And, brother-in-law?

How did that come to them so naturally?

Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t sure if she should be angry or enraged, she flashed in front of them immediately.

“Oh, big sister!”

“Big sister, where have you been? We have been waiting for you forever!”

“Hehe, big sister, brother-in-law is so nice. He has been playing with us!”

The three siblings broke out into big smiles as soon as they saw Cheng Xiao Xiao. Little Lan Lan even dashed into her arms and shrieked happily, “Big sister, how come you didn’t brother-in-law come play with us sooner?”

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