Friday, February 21, 2020

Resplendent Apothecary ch 90 - The Once-A-Year Herb Market (2)

“You silly goose. Do you plan on having all the medicines that you’ve made in the storage for lunch? These are medicine made from the sage apothecary branch, you think we will still have to worry about money? Darn! How did I end up with a stupid disciple like you!” The sage apothecary walked out of the medicine room with his hands behind him, seemingly in good spirit. It wasn’t very often that he had the upper hand when it came to his disciple. That was such a satisfying feeling!

“I am not stupid. Have you ever seen an idiot with photographic memory? You are just envious of my beauty and talent. Sigh…. Geniuses are always doomed to be lonely!” Gu Ye shamelessly tooted her own horn and her words made herself laugh.

She got up and walked into the storage room. Inside there were plenty of wooden shelves filled with bags and bags of herbal medicines made by her. Gu Ye separated them into different categories: some were made by her master when he was demonstrating for her, anything from the sage apothecary must be top notch, they would for sure fetch a good price; some were made by her with minor errors here and there, but their efficacies were still better than normal medicinal herbs, she should at least be able to break even on those; and then there were the successful ones that she prepared, both their presentation and efficacy could rival those from her master; hmmm, she ought to be able to make a small fortune with these.

Looking at these medicinal herbs, Gu Yu could already see piles and piles of silvers in front of her. Her big eyes sparkled like stars in the sky.

The little money-grubber couldn’t sit still any more. She ran over to her grandfather’s room immediate and, seeing that he was rubbing medicinal oil on his own leg, quickly took it over from him and obsequiously massage his leg and applied heat treatment to it. Her manner extremely solicitous.

Gu Xiao chuckled as he watched his granddaughter busied herself in front of him and thought t himself: girls were so much more attentive. Seeing that she had finished the entire treatment process but stayed behind, took a seat at the stove, and looked like she had something on her mind. He asked curiously, “Ye-er, if there’s anything you want to say, you can go ahead and say it. No need to hold back in front of me.”

“Grandpa, our storage room is filled to the brim with all the medicinal herbs….” Gu Ye hinted very subtly.

Nevertheless, Gu Xiao did not get her meaning. He pondered for a while and said, “Oh, have we ran out of room for your medicines? No problem, grandpa will make you a few more shelves. We can put them on the outside, you can stack as much as you want on them….”

“No! What I was trying to say is, let’s sell them all so we can buy more fresh herbs for me to practice,” said Gu Ye, much more straightforward this time.

But Gu Xiao misunderstood her meaning again, “Oh… so you are running out of herbs! Grandpa had been forgetful. It’s deep winter now and you won’t be able to collect more herbs from the mountains, no wonder you are running out of raw herbs. No worries, grandpa will go to town tomorrow and bring you back more of them… we have no shortage of money!”

“No, grandpa!” Gu Ye quickly stopped her grandpa from pulling out money from the cabinet, “They are herbs. They are only valuable in the hands of those who need them. We keep stashing them in the storage room they will get moistened when it rains or snows and all my hard work will go to waste.”

Gu Xiao looked down at his granddaughter’s little hands there had became coarse from practicing herb-making and nodded solemnly, “Alright, you are right. We can’t let all your work go to waste. Okay, I will go into town tomorrow and ask for a quote from Jimin Hall.”

“Grandpa, can you take me with you? I would like to check out the herbal market in town as well.” Gu Ye brought up her request. She wanted to see which kind of medicinal herbs were the best selling ones and could fetch the most dollars. It was such a pity that all her potions in her dimension could work wonder but she couldn’t pull them out in exchange for money and now she had to re-learn all these primitive medicine-making methods. Aye… such great talents she possesses but nowhere to apply them!

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