Saturday, February 15, 2020

TWQQF ch 321 - Bribing The Family; Grilled By The Parents (6)

The appearance of the immortal crane along with little Lan Lan’s giggling immediately caught a the attention of all the Cheng’s family members. Quite a few of them looked up and quietly and discussed the appearance of this “guye” of the Cheng’s in a lowered voice!

The ones in the living room discussing worldly affairs were also interrupted by all the ruckus from the outside, yet they didn’t need to go outside in order  to know what was going on.

“Immortal crane? He has a immortal crane as his ride? It’d appear that this young master Mo was of quite a respectable status at the Temple of Divine Plans!” said the old dean with a smile.

Everybody in the world knew that only the temple master of Temple of Divine Plans could have a immortal crane as his ride and nobody else. The appearance of the immortal crane at the Cheng’s had made the status of the visitor quite clear.

Everybody couldn’t help but looked at Cheng Biyuan full of envy. Elder Lin cupped his hands at him and congratulated him directly, “Housemaster Cheng, allow me to congratulate you on having such a prestigious son-in-law!”

“Housemaster Cheng, Congratulations!”

“HAHA, Housemaster Cheng, we will be awaiting the invitation to the wedding celebration!”

“Good things are happening to you one after another, Housemaster Cheng. Congratulations!”

Everybody gave their congratulatory words one after another. From where they were, the Cheng’s and Temple of Divine Plans tying the knots were already a done deal.

Cheng Biyuan smiled bitterly. He had no idea how to even respond. Helplessly, he said, “You guys can stop teasing me now. Whether this will actually happen will depend on how the two kids get along. These are matters of the kids, I intend to let them make their own decisions!”

“Little Biyuan, you have nothing to worry about becoming a father-in-law in this case. Everybody from Temple of Divine Plans are known to be very faithful. Once they have found their partners in life, they will be by their side for the rest of their lives, nothing can split them apart.”

Everybody had more or less heard of some rumors about Temple of Divine Plans, but what they have heard of the most was their loyalty to their partners. They were the exceptions to the case in the world of cultivators.

On this continent, all the strong cultivators could have as many spouses as they want. It was the norm for even a regular cultivator to have three or four wives. Nobody would frown upon that. Of course, there were also the ones who remained single for life.

As rumors have it, the Clan of Magical Swords would usually help their disciples get somewhere between five to ten wives and that was the accepted norm. There was nothing shameful about it, but more something to be proud of. That was a symbol of their status.

Hearing the words from the old dean, Cheng Biyuan could do nothing but smile bitterly. When it comes to matters concerning his daughter, he could only let her take care of them.

“Little Biyuan, our school has now qualified to trade with you. I heard there are limitations, can you let me know how much we can purchase?” The old dean finally touched upon the subject that the associate deans were most concerned about.

Similarly, the others were equally concerned about this subject. Cheng Biyuan thought about it for a short while and said, “Dean, let me have my manager and Elder Ying settle the trades with the other folks first and we will see where we are. As for the limitations, that is Xiao Xiao’s call, I will need to consult with her first!”

“Okay, then we will spend the night at your place!” The dean was in no rush to depart and decided to stay.

In addition to the dean and his lot, young master Zhu Xiangyu was also spending the night. They were arranged to be staying over in the guest quarters of the Cheng’s.

As for the other sects, they all wanted to greet Mo Xuanzun. But after the words were related, the genius mathematician was in no mood to meet up with any of them. He just wanted them to go away as soon as possible.

These people had no choice but to get on the road and depart Willows with their purchases.

There was one more guest who had no intention to leave and that was the 9th Elder of Emperor City Cheng’s. He neither bid during the auction nor did he receive the special permission to trade with the Cheng’s as he had no “2” or “8” on his bamboo stick.

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