Wednesday, February 12, 2020

TWQQF ch 320 - Bribing The Family; Grilled By The Parents (5)

One might argue that Old Man Ying had already witnessed Mo Xuanzun’s ability and background and felt that the two would make a good couple and went along with it, that would at least be a plausible argument.

However, Cheng Chi and Lu Zhu were not at the auction and have no knowledge of Mo Xuanzun whatsoever. It was quite odd that these two also reacted the way they did immediately after meeting him.

Chi Cheng and Lu Zhu weren’t really sure why they instinctively accepted him. They couldn’t explain it so they just smiled and stood and waited on one side.

Everybody’s question would be answered if only little Yuteng would explain it to them – as the genius mathematician was the first man who ever kissed Cheng Xiao Xiao, it had left a lasting impression in her mind!

And, after she had found out that he used the best dan medicine on her and further waited days by her side, she had developed complicated emotions toward him that even she wasn’t aware of.

His showing up today, his bold profession of his love for her, stirred up that little bit of feeling that she had tucked away. In addition to her being annoyed by him labelling their relationships, there was also a sense of joy that even she failed to detect. She has also subconsciously assumed that her father approved of it when he was not enraged by Mo Xuanzun’s actions.

When she had subconsciously opened her heart to that, that had also affected her spiritual contractees, which was why they instinctively showed respect toward Mo Xuanzun.

“Are you my brother-in-law?” asked little Lan Lan asked she walked up and eyed him up and down curiously.

Cheng Zheng Bin walked over next to his brother and also looked up and down at the character who just might become his brother-in-law one day.

As the kids appeared, and judging by the way the three looked, Mo Xuanzun understood that these were Cheng Xiao Xiao’s brothers and sister. “That is right, I am your brother-in-law!” nodded Mo Xuanzun.

“Whaaat? My sister has accepted yet!” Little Zheng Bin pouted with slight reluctance.

“Second brother, if your brother-in-law said she is willing, of course she is willing!” smiled Mo Xuanzun and somehow a beautiful small dagger appeared in his hand. He handed it over to little Zheng Bin and said, “Here, second brother, this is for you!”

“Wow! What a pretty dagger!!” The dagger grabbed little Zheng Bin’s attention right away. He took the dagger from him and eyed it lovingly as he shouted out, “Thank you!! Brother-in-law!”

“Second brother is such a good boy!” smiled Mo Xuanzun.

And that how he got another one of Cheng Xiao Xiao’s sibling onto his side. As for the last little girl, he summoned his immortal crane.


The immortal crane that flashed out let out a long howl as it shook loose it’s beautiful white feathers. When little Lan Lan saw the immortal crane, her eyes beamed with happiness and she jumped up and down in joy. Cheering, she asked, “Brother-in-law, it’s so pretty. Can you ask it to play with me, please?”

“That’s not a problem!” Mo Xuanzun nodded satisfactorily and immediately told the immortal crane, “Xiao He, didn’t you tell me you were bored? Now you get to play with my little sister!”


The immortal crane voiced its complain when it heard that it has to entertain a rugrat.

Its owner, on the other hand, didn’t care about what it has to say and just plopped little Lan Lan directly onto it’s back and said, “Don’t go too high, just fly around close by. Don’t let anything happen to her, otherwise, I don’t mind a dish of roast immortal crane!”


It let out a few urgent cry to express its discontent toward its owner before it finally ignored him and took off into the air.

In the meantime, the two younger brother-in-law watched on enviously at their little sister.

And that’s how Mo Xuanzun recruited all three of the siblings onto his side.

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