Tuesday, February 26, 2019

TWQQF ch 30.1 - A Pleasant Surprise

All the little ears perked up when they heard about going into the mountains. Cheng Biyuan looked at his daughter and finally shook his head and wouldn’t let the three young ones to go with them. He told the three of them to stay home and cultivate.

Under the disappointed look of the three young ones, Cheng Xiao Xiao followed her dad into the mountain in the back of the house.

“Xiao Xiao, what do you need from the mountain?” asked Cheng Biyuan.

Cheng Xiao Xiao held nothing back, “Dad, I want to go look for precious herbs, or vicious beasts. If I can collect these into the dimension, it can be leveled up. As the level of the dimension increases, it will have more abilities.”

“Oh!” Cheng Biyuan nodded, he wasn’t that surprised by it. “You can plant the herbs in the dimension, but what can you do with the vicious beasts?”

That he couldn’t figure out, but he was curious. Why would you want to keep a bunch of vicious beasts in the dimension?

“Dad, have you ever heard of summoners or beast driver?” answered Cheng Xiao Xiao with a question.

Summoners? Beast driver?

These words made him think of a very prestigious title – beast tamers!

Beast tamers were those that understood wild beasts. They could summon vicious beasts from the forest to fight for them. The flying beasts could even let me ride and travel on. There were only a handful of these beast tamers in Dafeng Country. Whenever one of them appeared, they would be treated as special guest by the emperor. They get to stay in the palace and are well feared and respected.

Whenever one appeared in a dynasty, they would strike fear into even nearby countries. Summoners were too terrifying. The kind of beasts that they could summon could defeat even the most elite soldiers. Who would dare fight something like that?

Was she saying that…

Cheng Biyuan’s eyes widened and looked of disbelief. He was so excited that he started to stutter, “Xiao, Xiao Xiao, are you saying that, you mean, you can become a beast tamer?”

“Beast tamer?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was no stranger to that term either. It’s really the synonym to summoner or beast driver, just a different name.

“Yes, dad. With the dimension, I can collect vicious beasts inside. They will recognize me as their master. From then on, both Yuteng and me can use them to fight for us, I guess that will make me a beast tamer.”

“Oh god, that is great. It really is. You, us, beast tamer. A beast tamer in the Cheng’s family!” Even the usually staid and earnest Cheng Biyuan started to ramble from excitement after hearing this news. Cheng Xiao Xiao could see a hint of tears out of the corner of her father’s eyes.

“This is fantastic. Our branch could have such a talent, and a well-respected beast tamer at that. Ha ha ha ha…”

Cheng Biyuan was laughing so heartily he didn’t care that Cheng Xiao Xiao was standing right next to him. Cheng Xiao Xiao saw tears running down his face and had mixed emotions. From his words, she gathered that the Cheng’s was not from an ordinary background.

She had read too many novels with such cliché plotlines where someone of prestigious heritage like her dad being kicked out of the family that she had a pretty good idea what had happened.

Judging from his drastic reaction, he must be looking forward to the day where he could go back and brag about his achievements!

It took Cheng Biyuan quite a bit of time to regain his composure. He had a look of gentleness and determination, “Xiao Xiao, let’s go. Dad will take you to collect precious herbs and tame vicious wild beasts and let you become the most power beast tamer!”

“Okay!” Cheng Xiao Xiao smiled and nodded.

The father and daughter walked further into the mountain. This was a mountain that they have entered this time, not where she has gone to collect firewood with her brother previously.


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  1. Um... isn't this ch 28.1 not 30.1 like it should be? Text wise atleast

  2. It was repeated right?I think I already read this...

  3. it's an old chapter that you already translated before :/

  4. AnonymousFebruary 26, 2019 at 6:41 PM
    Um... isn't this ch 28.1 not 30.1 like it should be? Text wise atleast

    AnonymousFebruary 26, 2019 at 6:46 PM
    It was repeated right?I think I already read this...

    UnknownFebruary 26, 2019 at 6:47 PM
    it's an old chapter that you already translated before :/

    +1 This seems like a repeat chapter. https://imgur.com/a/cyw7btc

  5. It just occured to me, this is one of the few novels like this where the mc has a loving supportive family, and the only one I've read where the mc actually divulges their ability. It's kinda fun that way for once.