Wednesday, February 20, 2019

TWQQF ch 28.2 - Dad's Recovery

“No problem, let’s start tomorrow. That should only take a couple of days!” said Cheng Biyuan.

“Dad, don’t you worry. Yuteng can clone!”

“Oh yes, I had forgotten about Yuteng. Save so much work with her around!”

The mood around dinner was cheerful. The whole family surrounded the dinner table, smile on every face. They no longer need to worry about their livelihood, nor were they weighted down by dad’s health. This must be the happiest day in a while.

After dinner, Cheng Biyuan did not let his four kids resign into their bedroom, but solemnly he said to them, “I thought we could forget our past and live peacefully in this little village; settle down here for the generations to come. But it’s looking like that will not be a possibility. For our livelihood going forward, every one of us must continue our cultivation, no exception!”

“Why, dad? You said before that we will only need big brother to learn some basic kung fu to protect us and that would be sufficient.” Asked Cheng Zheng Bin, confused at the new changes.

Cheng Biyuan looked at the younger of his two sons and said nonchalantly, “If we don’t cultivate, our family can’t have meat everyday. We will only be able to have wild vegetables, is that what you want?”

“Daddy, we aren’t cultivating right now, but we still have meat, no?” Asked Lan Lan, confused.

“Because that’s your uncle’s condition to continue sending us goods. If you don’t cultivate, he won’t be sending any more chickens or rabbits!”

Cheng Biyuan looked at his daughter and asked nonchalantly, “Now you can tell me, if you don’t want meat anymore, I will let your uncle know not to send anymore. If you want to keep having meat, you will need to cultivate. Can you do that?”

The young ones exchanged looks among themselves. They looked like everything made sense all of a sudden and said simultaneously, “Yes!”

Cheng Xiao Xiao, standing close by, had a strange look on her face. She didn’t expect her father to make up an uncle. She remembered from her novels that usually when some secret characters appear, they were usually shi fu1, but now her father had changed that to an uncle.

“Xiao Xiao, same goes for you!”

“Oh….” Cheng Xiao Xiao didn’t know how to respond. What did she know about cultivating? She gave an awkward look at his request.

Mrs. Cheng seemed to have recalled something, smiling at her daughter, she said, “Xiao Xiao, I will show you in a bit!”

“Okay. Thank you, mom!”

“No worries. C’mon, come inside the house, let me show you!”

The two of them disappeared into the house while Cheng Biyuan continued to teach the kids in the yard.

“Heaven and earth have Ying and Yang, when heaven is ruthless, the earth is destroyed; when heaven is giving, the earth is full of life; heaven and earth has spiritual air, and the secrets of the heaven encapsulates within it…”

Sitting inside the dimension, Cheng Xiao Xiao recited the mantra in her heart. She was curious whether she would gain superpower from cultivation like the super heroes she has watched in all the TV shows.

As her eyes were closed, what she didn’t know was that when she recited the mantra, she was embraced by the spiritual air inside the dimension. It made her looked like she was sitting in fog.

After a long while, she felt a comfortable warmth feeling arising from inside her body and slowly dissipated outward and it made her felt relaxed. She stood up slowly.

Her elegant face carried a light smile, she recited, “Hug heaven and earth in one’s chest, clasp all creation with your palms, stepping on the divine land, swallow the sun, moon, and the stars. That’s amazing, this was describing the enlightened ones right? I wonder if anyone can truly achieve these kind of abilities?”

“Of course, young master!”



1.     Can also be translated to “Master” (specifically someone who teaches martial arts), but since I have already used “Master” for “Master Ning”, as in the Master of the house, I will use shi fu here to avoid confusion.


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  1. Thank you for you time and effort translating and editing these chapters. I am really enjoying reading this story.

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