Thursday, February 14, 2019

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 27.1 -The Curing Jade Vine

“Ko Yang dare not lie to his master!”

Ko Yang seemed to be telling the truth. Old Master Ning frowned, “But if they are in town, why was it that my people failed to locate them after a month’s search?”

“Master, I could tell they weren’t from this town. They are villagers. I ran into them just outside of town with the town doctor from the clinic. I think they have a patient at home!” Speculated Ko Yang.

Old Master Ning nodded, “As long as they visit this town frequently. Ko Yang, get some rest. Starting tomorrow, I want you to pay more attention to this mother and daughter. Let’s find out whether they are raising these mythical animals by themselves or what their source is. We will need to figure this out.”

“Ko Yang understands!”

Cheng’s resident, everybody body was inside the house, surrounding the bed and waiting for the diagnosis from the doctor!

After a long while, the doctor stroked his beard and said, “Mr. Cheng’s internal injuries were mostly recovered. Now all we have left was the severed tendons and crushed bone that are trickier. After my medicines from last time, the severed tendons are healing quite well. All we have left was the crushed bones. It’d be quite difficult for him to stand again….”

The doctor’s word weighted down on everyone. The light in Cheng Biyuan’s eyes dimmed, but he recovered quickly, “We will be happy with the progress so far. Thank you, doctor!”

“Don’t be too worried, Mr. Cheng. Your base is better than most. If you continue with the medicine, it is possible that you will be able to stand in another two to three months!”

“Is that true, doctor?” asked Mrs. Cheng, a little frantic in her voice. Her biggest fear was that her husband would never be able to stand again.

The doctor smiled and nodded, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Cheng. I feel hopeful mostly because your husband’s base is strong. I will stabilize the fractures for him. Just keep up with the medications and he will continue to get better.”

“Thank you, doctor, thank you so much!” Mrs. Cheng was emotional and closed to tears. This was the answer she was hoping for.

Cheng Xiao Xiao sighed with relief. Even the three young ones have bright smiles on their faces.

The Cheng’s invited the doctor and his apprentice to stay for lunch. After lunch, they collected their house visit fees and departed after the Mrs. Cheng had, once again, thanked them profusely.

Cheng Biyuan had a gloomy look after finding out that their goods fetched 100 taels of silver. He let out a long sigh, “I’m afraid the peaceful life that we are having notice won’t last much longer!”

“Dad, it will be alright. There’s not much others can do as long as we don’t tell them anything. After all, nobody but us can find the true source of the mythical animals.” Cheng Xiao Xiao was a little worried, but not too much. After all, the others were the ones seeking answers, not them.

Cheng Biyuan understood this as well. Helplessly he nodded and instructed his daughter, “Just be very careful and not to let out any holes in our stories. Be careful what we tell people when they come and ask!”

“Don’t worry, dad. Xiao Xiao knows how to handle them!” replied Cheng Xiao Xiao confidently.

Mrs. Cheng was still worried, she sighed, “If only my husbands not injured, there will be nothing to worry about, except for---”

“Mom, except for what?” Cheng Xiao Xiao looked at her hesitant mother and couldn’t help but to ask.

Mrs. Cheng looked briefly at her daughter, them at her husband lying in bed, shook her head gently and said, “Nothing, Xiao Xiao, go rest!”

“Okay!” replied Cheng Xiao Xiao, knowing full well that her mother was not going to divulge that.

After she left, Cheng Biyuan looked at his wife and asked, “Yuqin, what’s the matter?”

Ye, I am afraid if we cause any ruckus here, what if those people find out? We won’t be able to handle---”

 “….” Cheng Biyuan looked down wordlessly.


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  1. Ugh....this all half-way, if not not even said sentence make me stressed out....whats the deal with them? just say the words, no need to cut them apart, can we..?

  2. Them not telling her anything pisses me off, she has a right to know and she is an adult in their culture, not telling her just means she is ignorant of a potential threat.

  3. The parents are putting their own comfort of burying their heads in the sand over the very real dangers around them. If I was her, I would of had enough by now. Screw being filial and respectful. Straight up say "enough. You are keeping something very important from me that obviously is important and dangerous. If I don't know what is happening, I could easily walk into a trap or be caught in a serious situation because you are keeping me blinded and my hands tied."

    1. I agree, this is all so frustrating. The fact that they don't tell qny of the other children to be quiet about their current lifestyle is just asking them to tell everyone that their family is suspicious. Also, just because you keep quiet about something or tell lies doesn't mean they won't come looking for them and the truth. Also, why does she keep in increasing the amount she sells when she knows people are suspicious. That's just asking to get captured or bring trouble.