Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 26.2 - Discovered

Cheng Xiao Xiao was delighted. She bowed and said, “Perfect. Mr. Innkeeper, please follow me to check out our food!”

“Yes, yes, I will follow you!”

The ecstatic innkeeper followed her outside of the inn, leaving the server dumbfounded at his reaction. He didn’t follow them out, but went inside to check on the kitchen.

The innkeeper happily greeted Mrs. Cheng and the three young ones outside of the inn before he went to examine the fowls and the rice. Once he realized all the food was of the same quality as last time, he felt euphoric. Last time he went these mythical food to his master’s house, he was not only praised by his master but also received a handsome bonus.

“Innkeeper, you want to buy them all this time as well?” Mrs. Cheng couldn’t help but to ask after seeing the smiley innkeeper.

“Yes, yes, all of them. Mrs. Cheng, from now on, no matter how much goods you have, just bring them to me. We will give you great prices for them. We wouldn’t try to cheat you.”

Neither Mrs. Cheng nor Cheng Xiao Xiao was happy from the innkeeper’s response. Instead, they were alarmed. The two of them immediately understood that the innkeeper had already figured out the true worth of their goods.

Cheng Xiao Xiao’s color changed, then she said solemnly, “Mr. Innkeeper, if you want our good, we can continue to sell to you. But we will have to ask that you don’t tell any one nor ask us where our goods come from. Nor should you look for us or follow us. Otherwise, we will not show up again or sell any goods to you!”

“This---” The innkeeper didn’t expect that from Cheng Xiao Xiao, he was just about to ask her those questions.

It would be problematic for him if they really didn’t show up again. He frowned and pondered for a little bit, but nodded in consent for the time being.

He didn’t say much, but called to the server to come and take all the goods inside. He then paid them 100 taels of silver.

This was kind of expected and unexpected at the same time. Neither Mrs. Cheng nor Cheng Xiao Xaio declined the offer. They could fetch 1000 taels of silver if they were truly calculating the worth of these mythical creatures. 100 taels was nothing. Comparing to the two previous time, this was a handsome amount.

After bidding farewell to the innkeeper, the five of them headed toward the marketplace to shop for daily necessities. Once they have purchased all that they need, they headed toward the clinic to look for the doctor.

Naturally the negotiation was much easier when one has plenty of money. The doctor also brought with him a few precious and effective herbs. The lot of them left town and headed toward Willow Village.

Right at this moment, a middle age man that was just returning to the city passed them on his way in. He looked surprised.

The woman and her maiden. Weren’t those the ones that his master was seeking? It looked as thought they have been frequenting the town. He couldn’t understand why his master had a hard time searching for them.

Watching the oz-drawn wagon and the lot disappeared out of his sight, the middle-aged man rode his horse into town. What a coincident that while the master rushed for his return, he would ran into the purpose of his trip.

The middle-aged man arrived at the House of Ning shortly. After the master had been notified, he was led into Old Master Ning’s study.

The master and servant exchanged conversation for a bit before Old Master Ning sighed, “Ko Yang, the mythical beasts you bought last time from the market place was some good stuff. Too bad we weren’t able to find the mother and daughter again. I guess god was just not on our side!”

“Master, Ko Yang was just about to report to you, I ran into the mother and daughter at the town entrance!”



Random translator’s note:

1.     Um… if he knew his master was looking for them. Why didn’t he follow them instead of watching them disappear?


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  1. " Um… if he knew his master was looking for them. Why didn’t he follow them instead of watching them disappear?"
    Because it's hard to get good help these days.. *sighs*