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TWQQF ch 381 - The Misunderstanding was Resolved; The Visit of the Parents (6)

“Miss, Housemaster, clan, hall, palace, sect, school, manor, valley, and institution, which one do you prefer?” Elder Ying was the first to ask.

That was another good question.

Everybody waited for the father and daughter to provide them with an answer.

“Must we pick from this list?” Cheng Xiao Xiao wasn’t thrilled with any of them. After all, all these had already been used by one or more of the existing sects or powers already.

Old Man Ying was baffled by her response, “Miss, if you don’t like any of these, what do you like?”

True enough, everybody else thought it was only natural to pick a name from one of those listed out by Old Man Ying. They couldn’t just make something up randomly.

“Xiao Xiao, if you don’t like to be similar to anyone else, I have another suggestion. We can just use father-in-law’s title as our name!”

Mo Xuanzun brought up a suggestion at this point.


Alright, the name was majestic enough. But two characters just didn’t seem right, they must add least add one or two more characters to it.

“Alright! Just say it!” Xiao Xiao could tell that he already has an idea by just looking at him.

Cheng Biyuan also smiled and nudged him, “Do share, young man. The rest of us are quite curious too!”

“Sacred Land Zhongyuan!” said Mo Xuanzun softly.

Sacred Land Zhongyuan!

The name lit up everybody’s eyes. It was obvious that everybody liked the name right away.

Zhongyuan was Cheng Biyuan’s title; everybody at Dafeng was already aware of that. Sacred Land – the Cheng’s had always wanted to transform this area into a unique place, calling it “Sacred Land” would be very fitting.

Now they could just announce the name “Sacred Land Zhongyuan” to the public. They would not only be able to show off the Cheng’s power, but also seemed unique among all the powers!

“Wonderful! What a wonder name by guye!” Old Man Ying was the first to applause!

Zhou Jinjiang also smiled, “Guye is, indeed, the genius numerologist. You had thought of everything even when just picking a name!”

“Great! What a name!” The Elders couldn’t stop praising it!

Cheng Biyuan, the formal father-in-law, had a bright smile on his face. It was obviously that he was quite happy with the name.

As soon as the name was settled, they started discussing when to start recruiting for disciples and how should they set the standards. When they were done with their discussion, Cheng Xiao Xiao produced $2 million worth of gold coins and handed them over to Zhou Jinjiang.

Now that the Cheng’s had these golds, the next step was to spend them meaningfully. First, they spent the gold coins in buying some everyday consumable items. Even though nobody had encountered these kind of gold coins before, but they could tell that they were made from pure gold. They merely looked differently than the type that they were used to, so they were able to accept them quite quickly.

Seeing that the general public had quickly accepted these coin coins, and under Zhou Jinjiang’s utilization, they had quickly entered market of Qing’an Province and, from there, the entire Dafeng and continent. Just as Elder Ying had predicted, these coin golds had later on became the symbol of Count Zhongyuan.

Everybody at Cheng’s had became very busy. Even Mo Xuanzun was completely occupied with setting a massive arrangement and barely had time to even eat.

Contrarily, as the cherry tree project had to be put on hold, Cheng Xiao Xiao had all the free time in the world to go back to gardening again. She followed all the methods used by a modern-day person and made all the gardeners cried. They had no idea why she’d trim perfect good trees or bushes till they were bare.

But, after half a day when they saw the outcome of all the trimming, their mouths all dropped open. This was the very first time they had experienced that bareness could also be a form of beauty!


Translator’s Note:

As much as consistency is important, a patron of mine suggested that numerologist would be more fitting for mathematician, so Mo Xuanzun would be referred to as genius numerologist going forward. (Thank you for the wonderful suggestion, stumblelina stumblmer!! :)


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