Friday, February 28, 2020

TWQQF ch 327 - Hope of Everyone; The Tool's Tricks (2)

Seeing his pitiful look, Cheng Xiao Xiao pouted indifferently and said, “Well, you should have avoided me when you saw me coming. It wasn’t my fault!”

She ignored the small matter at hand, pushed him aside, and continued walked forward.

“XIao XIao, where are you going now?” He had decided to follow her around all the way!

“None of your business!”

“Let me go with you!”

“Will you still follow me if I say no?”

“Of course!”


The two walked out with one following the other. The maids and servants who witnessed the scene all tried to hide their chuckles.

“Xiao Xiao, I heard that you were the mastermind behind the design of all these structures and arrangements, was that true?”

“So what if it was?”

“Xiao Xiao is so amazing. The entire feel of the Cheng’s is so unique and full of character. It’s refined and elegant, I like it a lot!”

“Hrumph, why does it feel like you like just about anything and everything?”

“I like everything that has to do with Xiao Xiao!”


“XIao XIao, can I ask you a question?”


“Why not? You didn’t even know what I am going to ask?”

“Because I don’t feel like answering to any of your questions!”

“Why not? Maybe you will want to answer some of them?”


There conversation always seemed to switch to a different subject every time Cheng Xiao Xiao went silent. While they were casually bantering, they have arrived at Old Man Ying’s courtyard.

The few chatting inside the building came right out as though they have noticed their arrival.

“Miss, guye….” Smiled Old Man Ying.

Cheng Xiao Xiao blushed and threatened him, “Old Man Ying, you seem to be cruising for a beating. I will let little Yuteng keep you company in a little bit!”

“HEHE, Miss, that’s not a problem at all!” Old Man Ying didn’t care about her threat at all.

Mo Xuanzun couldn’t be happier, “Old Man Ying, Xiao Xiao only have your best interest in mind. Old people need to exercise more for their health!”

Guye is so right!” Old Man Ying became even happier.

The few standing around witnessed this scene and all of them smiled.

The embarrassed Cheng Xiao Xiao tried very hard to calm herself down and decided to ignore the two of them and walked toward the others.

“Little maiden Xiao Xiao, we didn’t think you are going to show up?” teased the dean. Then, turning to look Mo Xuanzun, he smiled and said, “Genius mathematician, you have good taste. You’ve scored the best of all the girls!”

“Of course! My XIao XIao was the best!” replied Mo Xuanzun assertively.

Everybody chuckled and Cheng Xiao Xiao gave him a stare. She them noticed the monk and the nun, she didn’t realize that they have also stayed behind.

Emituofo…”1 Grandmaster Wudao from Shengseng Temple greeting her in an official Buddhist fashion, “Greetings, Maiden Cheng. Greetings, genius mathematician!”

“Greetings, Maiden Cheng. Greetings, genius mathematician!” Nun Saochen also curtsied at the two younglings.

Frankly from the perspective of their age, they did not need to greeting the two juniors so respectfully. Yet they both curtsied them as though they were senior to them.

In the cultivation world, the only thing that mattered was one’s ability, not one’s age. Take the old dean as an example, he adopted the attitude of a junior when he came across Old Man Ying, who was about 100 years younger than him. Why? Because Old Man Ying had already broken through to martial monarch. Just for that alone, he was already superior to the old dean.

As for why Grandmaster Wudao and Nun Saochen greeted Cheng Xiao Xiao respectfully, that was mostly due to her special status. Her being a master beast tamer was enough for the two to lower than prideful head. Not to mention that they have just found out that she was the main reason for Old Man Ying’s breakthrough to martial monarch.

Everyone who was there and heard that from Old Man Ying was shocked. None of them could believe that Cheng Xiao Xiao has the ability to achieve that; yet they could tell that Old Man Ying was telling the truth.



1.                   Direct translation was “Amitabha Buddha” or can also be used as “Merciful Buddha”. Frankly I think of it as the monks’ version of “amen”.

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  1. The past few dozen chapters seem to be released a little slower, but with only a tenth to a forth as many errors. Much appreciate the extra effort

  2. Thanks for the chapter! Ok. So the guy is not the worst so far. But i hate how no one asked for her opinion, even the guy in question who is supposedly so caring for her :( shouldn't others be more reluctant, at least on the surface, to look like they are on her side and not like she doesn't count? For a proud girl it is important that people ask what you think

    1. Totally agree to this, so it wasn't only me who saw it like that.

    2. Haha. Good to know there are others