Sunday, January 27, 2019

Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 22.2 - Naughty Siblings

“Hrm, you three….” Even though she was very angry, but more worried about any accidents. But looking at the three lowering their heads in front of them, she felt a moment of weakness. “Okay, just this one time. Next time this happen, you will all be punished, understand?”

“Yes!” Replied the three in synchrony.

“Okay, it’s noon, go home rest up before you come out to play again!” Now that she was calming down, her tone softened.

“Big sister, how come only one field was ploughed?”

“We have just started, so only one was done!”
“Big sister, what are we planting here?”

“I haven’t decided yet. Let’s see what others are growing, we will grow the same!”

“Big sister, why don’t we plough a few more fields so we can grow rice too?”

“We will, in a few days!”


The four of them chatted on their way home. Cheng Xiao Xiao decided that she will have Yuteng made a cover for the well tonight. She didn’t want to risk any of the young ones falling inside of it.

After arriving home, Mrs. Cheng found out that they were playing by the well and scolded them again.

That very night, Yuteng sealed off the well with her jade vine sprouts. They could be removed whenever necessary.

Nothing else was changed. After all, they couldn’t produce too much at the same time. Anyhow, she plotted sprouts into the ploughed fields and since it was watered by the well cloned from the dimension, the vegetables all look nice and healthy and made everybody happy.

From this point forward, the two boys only need to chop and collect firewood from the hills. Nothing else is necessary. Cheng Xiao Xiao and Mrs. Cheng focused their attention on Cheng Bi Yuan. No matter what, they still wish him to have a quick recovery.

After a month of medicines, most of Cheng Bi Yuan’s internal injuries were healed. The only injuries remaining were the severed tendons and crushed bones. There weren’t much changes in those.

Cheng Xiao Xiao started to get worried as they were almost running out of the herbs that she had collected previously. Even though she was a pharmacist, she didn’t know much about treating patients. And even though the doctor their hired last time wasn’t some world-renowned doctor, but the medicines that he provided along with the herbs she had collected had positive results on Cheng Bi Yuan.

She felt that she should have the doctor return to check on her dad again. After all, she couldn’t keep giving him the same medicines.

She felt that she needed to have a discussion with her parents.

She knocked on the door and entered the house. She noticed that not only were both her parents there, her brother Zheng Yuan was there as well. It looked like he was listening attentively, and she asked, “Mom, dad, did I interrupt something?”

“Nah, we are a family,” replied Mrs. Cheng indifferently.

Cheng Bi Yuan nodded at her slightly and said to his oldest son, “Did you remember everything I just told you?”

“Yes, dad, Zheng Yuan had it all memorized!”

“Good, you go. Remember lots of practice. Come to me if you have any questions!” Said Cheng Bi Yuan. He then frowned and added, “And remember to not bring your brother and sister to play at dangerous places!”

“Yes, dad, I won’t do that again!” Cheng Zheng Yuan knew he was referring to the incident of playing by the well.

“Okay, you can go now!”

“Yes, dad, mom, big sister. I am taking off!”

Cheng Zheng Yuan exited the room while the three looked on. Mrs. Cheng looked at the daughter who made a special trip to the house and asked, “Xiao Xiao, what seems to be the matter?”


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  1. thanks for the chapter! ♥

  2. Why can she not grow herbs inside the space? Not seen it mentioned before but i assume she can't otherwise she is a full blown moron.

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