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Transmigration with QQ Farm ch 16.2 - Secret Gentleman


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“Thank you, Innkeeper. Our quality won’t disappoint you!” Mrs. Cheng smiled and looked at him appreciatively.

“No problem, no matter how many goods you have, I can make that call!” The innkeeper was a straightforward person. He didn’t want to barter with the mother and daughter that he was already quite fond of. “Madam, I can buy all these from you right now. How about three taels and 30 wen?”

“Sure, no problem!”

Even though they had more items this time, and they didn’t fetch a sky-high price like they did last time, but Mrs. Cheng was more comfortable with what they were offered today. After all, this was the market price these days.

The innkeeper quickly had the server came and moved all the goods inside and paid Mrs. Cheng right away. Mrs. Cheng thanked him again.

The five of them bid the innkeeper farewell and left in their wagon. They needed to purchase items for their own need.

They circled around the streets a few times and made a lot of purchases. In the meantime they have passed several of the servants of Ning House. Unfortunately they didn’t know these were the people they were looking for. They were looking for a mother and daughter, and didn’t expect a mother with four kids!

After they have left town in their wagon, a young special guest of the inn had rose and placed his lunch order. He needed to get on his way after lunch. He told the innkeeper to bring him a couple dishes of whatever he’d recommend.

The innkeeper dared not serve the special guest slowly. After placing the order, the kitchen prepared his food and wine as fast as possible and served them to him.

They made him an order of stirred fried chicken, braised rabbit meat, and an order of cabbage.

More or less the freshest food they have just bought. The special guest didn’t think these dishes were too simple. After all, at this day and age, and in a remote village, these were not shabby items.

He picked up his chopsticks and gracefully put a piece into his mouth. He didn’t think much of it after his first bite and kept on eating. After a few bites, there was finally a suspicious look on his handsome face. He looked at the food on top of the table, puzzled and bewildered.

Right about this time, the innkeeper came to deliver the bowl of steamed rice in person. He entered the room and saw the young man staring at the food. He was concerned and asked carefully, “Sir, do you not like these dishes?”

“Ugh….” The young man looked up at him, saw the steaming bowl of rice in his hand, and ordered, “Bring that over!”

“Okay!” Carefully the innkeeper looked at him and delivered the rice.

The young man took the rice from him, took in the aroma of the steamed rice and put a mouthful into his mouth with his chopsticks. He chewed and swallowed, and, as though something had been confirmed, he put down his bowl and chopsticks.

“Innkeeper, where did you get these food? How come the cabbage and the rice was different than those from yesterday?”

Facing the solemn-looking young man, the innkeeper turned slightly page and started to break out in sweat. He did taste the food himself and made sure they were alright before he served them. He didn’t understand why the young man was questioning him about the food.

He wasn’t dare not to answer his question, so immediately he replied, “Sir, I just purchased these vegetables and items from a farm woman. Is there something else that you need?”

“A farm woman?”


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  1. Mother Cheng... despite her being older than me, I would love to give her a smack. She knows from her Husband that the animals her Daughter provides are spiritual. Yet the price... the miser in me is crying rivers of blood right now. Get it together, woman! Sell them chickens and rabbits and rice and whtever else at a higher price (ʘдʘ╬)!!!
    Thanks for translating^_^ and happy new year!!!

    1. Your Comments literally are what I think while reading this yet I cannot stop reading