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Black Belly Wife ch 25.1 - Storytellers

Hi All my beloved readers. Thank you for your support all along, but I am sorry to announce that due my schedule and a lack of interest in this book, I will be dropping this project after the completion of chapter 27.

Until then, happy reading.


The first rain in June finally ended the drought in Jinling. Pouring rain continued on for an entire night and only stopped during day break the next day. The rain took the heat away, the breeze had finally turned from hot to cool, giving a very refreshing feel.

Even Murong Yun Shu who has always been a hermit had decided to get out of the house today. Taking Lu'er with her, the stepped on the slightly muddy path. Perhaps it was because the temperatue was finally cooling off, the streets were bustling with people.

"Miss, can we go to a tea house to listen to the storytellers?"

"Sure," replied Murong Yun Shu briskly and started strolling in the direction of the tea house.

Lu'er was pleasantly surprised, "Miss, you are finally interested in gossips?"

"I am interested in tea."

"...." She should have know, miss was never interested in earthly matters, let alone earthly gossips. Perhaps rumors from the other world, but where would they go to get those? Suddenly, Lu'er thought of something, with a naughty smile, she said, "Miss, Niu Lang and Zhi Nu are about to meet up.1"

"Okay," replied Murong Yun Shu.

Lu'er let out a deep, long sigh. Murong Yun Shu wasn't even interested in heavenly gossips, did she want gossips from the underground? Nah, that's not possible. If she didn't even care about gods, why would she care about ghosts.... Wow! It's broad daylight, what am I thinking about? Lu'er shook her head, and repeatedly told herself that there's no such thing as ghosts, but that only caused her to be more and more frightened. Suddenly, out of the corner of her eyes, she caught sight of a very white face, she shrieked, "Ghost!"

Murong Yun Shu stopped after hearing that, frowned, and mildly said, "Today is the first day I found out that you have the potential to be a medium."

Lu'er did a double take on the white face and relaxed, "Mister Feng, did you leave Hua Tuo Mountain just to come to scare people in the middle of the streets?"

Feng Cheng was very confused at what she was trying to say, she mimicking her tone of voice, he said, "Miss Lu'er, did you leave the Murong House just to be scared in the middle of the street?"

Lu'er felt embarrassed so she stuck her tongue out quickly, then looked to Murong Yun Shu for help.

Murong Yun Shu gave Feng Cheng a smile, "Hello, Mister Feng, we met again."

Feng Cheng studied her for a bit and relieved, he said, "You look well."

Murong Yun Shu did not comment, "Would you like to have some tea?"

"I just finished mine."

"Then have another."

"Too much tea can be bad for your health, but you can offer me wine."

"I heard that tea house provides water for free."

Feng Cheng laughed, "I guess wine is too expensive for you?"

"Don't you worry, I have enough to cover your consultation fees." After she finished saying that, she slowed walked into the tea house, took a look at the lobby area, then headed toward second floor. She picked the empty seat next to the window and sat down. Across from them was a pair of grandfather and grandchild storytellers.

Feng Cheng leisurely sat down on her left, "How you know I'm here to treat your ailment?"

"It's poison."

Feng Cheng was amused, "Your assertiveness is pathologic." She was so controlling in every matter. even down to a minor word choice. She was so much like Xi Yue. Even though they were not the same person, but how lucky would one need to be to meet two person who were so similar.... unfortunately, his luck has been all used up years ago.

Fate, was never on his side.

A bitter smile crept onto Feng Cheng's face, all Murong Yun Shu saw was endless sorrow. Like an overcast over his eyes, smiles would not bring out the sunlight. She frowned a bit, took another look at him, then said, "You are not going to Shaolin Temple located in Xi Zhou during this time frame, but ended up in Jinling. I can't think of any reasons other than treating my poison." It was expected that Chu Changge should have heard of her condition from Chef Gao by now, and naturally, he would get Feng Cheng, the best doctor, to treat her. Of course, that was her main intention of having Chef Gao pass on her letter.

"Then you must know who sent me." Every time they talked about Chu Changge, Feng Cheng always wanted to ask why. Why was there Chu Changge when there's already Feng Cheng? Why did Chu Changge always managed to best him in every way...

Murong Yun Shu neither confirm nor deny. She quietly sipped her tea, the answer was apparent.


1. Niu Lang (cow herder) And Zhi Nu (weaver) is an old Chinese story where the two lovers only get to meet once a year. To find out more about the story, visit here.



    I'm going to miss this story.

  2. I'm sad too,,. I really thought this story had a good plot and I loved the humour. You have been doing all wonderful job translating. If I read it via MTL, it DOESNT have the same flavour 😩
    Thank you for informing us that you'll be dropping this novel..otherwise my neck would be so stretched being on the look-out for new updates that I could turn into a giraffe.
    All the best to you. ❤️

  3. This story presents a different type of heroine. She's strong and takes the fight to the street. Sorry that you are leaving this novel behind.Thank you for all the time and efforts you have put into the translation of this novel.If and when you pick up another novel let us know we will follow you.

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