Saturday, September 22, 2018

Patreon Site Is Up

Dear readers. I finished setting up my Patreon site today. I don't have much in terms of advance chapter [parts] just yet but still am able to offer a 1-advance-chapter and a 3-advance-chapter tiers.

The new release schedule will be 3 times a week on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

Even though I know it is inevitable that translations posted online will be stolen onto aggregate sites, when it actually happened to me, and so soon (I thought it will at least be a few months after I started), it truly felt like a slap to the face. As much as I enjoy translating, it wasn't easy doing it on the side of a demanding full time job. So it was that much more disheartening to find other sites just straight up copy paste every words that I translated, footnotes and all, onto theirs as thought they were their own work.

Many great individuals before me have tried to combat these sites and failed, and I am not sure there is a way to do it without compromising user experience, so, just to make myself feel better, should there be an edited versions and any post with footnotes, those will only be included behind the paywall of Patreon. Other than that, I will continue to post the chapter parts on my website here basing on the schedule listed above.

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