Sunday, September 9, 2018

Black Belly Wife - Previous Work and a Word from the Translator

Two translators had previously started on this book before me, you can find the links to chapters 1 - 15 at As such, my translation will start from Chapter 16 - Moral or Immoral

I also don't know where the translation of the title "Black Belly Wife" originated, presumably the first translator. My personal choice would have been "Leisurely Wife, Wicked Husband", but for the sake of consistency, I will continue to use "Black Belly Wife."

This will be my first time translating from Chinese to English. As Chinese is my first language, my vocabularies might not be as strong as my two predecessors, but I will continue to work on improving that. Please bear with me in the meantime, and any comments/suggestions are very welcome.


  1. Love, love love you. Don't worry I think you will convey novel better because your first language is Chinese (the nuances, proverbs, jokes etc.) even without the very strong English vocabulary, a lot of people reading novels aren't English native (as I am not).

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Hope you enjoy the novel. ^__^