Monday, March 2, 2020

TWQQF ch 329 - Hope of Everyone; The Tool's Tricks (4)

“Shouldn’t this question be addressed to Old Man Ying instead? How would I know?” Cheng Xiao Xiao was surprised by the question, “I have merely given him a snow ginseng and a bottle of mystical water. Why do you ask? Were there troubles with breaking through to martial monarch?”

And Cheng Xiao Xiao genuinely didn’t understand why that was a question. She looked at those in front of her, perplexed.

Mystical water! Snow ginseng!

Old Man Ying had, indeed, mentioned these two items to them. Except that everyone there had drank their fair share of mystical water and ingested plenty of precious herbs. Yet they were still suck at the martial emperor level with no end in sight.

The three apex martial emperors exchanged looks; they could tell that Cheng Xiao Xiao genuinely did not see what the problem with. That made this problem even trickier to solve.

The main reason they stayed behind at the Cheng’s was to find out why was it that they were stuck at the apex martial emperor for dozens of years without being able to break through but Cheng Xiao Xiao was able to help Old Man Ying accomplish that. They felt for sure she’d have the answer and hope that she would be able to enlighten them.

Now, they were disappointed by her response!

The old dean turned his attention to Mo Xuanzun. With a sliver of hope in his eyes, he asked, “genius mathematician, you have been able to become a martial monarch at such young age; pray tell what was your trick in breaking through martial emperor to becoming martial monarch?”

“I don’t mind sharing that with you. We cultivate in the ability of the Temple of Divine Plans that was passed down for generations within the Temple of Divine Plans. Had I not been able to break through, I would not be able to succeed the title of genius mathematician!”


Well, if that was the case, then the outcome was even more grim for the rest of them. All of a sudden, everybody there was gravely disappointed!

The one that was hit the hardest was the old dean. He seemed quite energetic earlier, but now he appeared at loss. Cheng Xiao Xiao frowned when she noticed that and said, “Senior Dean, with your vast and cumulated experiences, you might be able to break through at any given point. I can ask Uncle Zhou to sell you extra mystical water. It should be beneficial if you drink them daily!”

“Thank you for that Xiao Xiao!” The old dean’s smile was bitter. He said, “To be able to break though any further, I am afraid I will have to first be able to escape from that invisible curse. Otherwise, no amount of mystical water or rare herbs would be able to help me. I trust that Old Man Ying had other encounters which allowed him to break through!”

“To what do you mean?” asked Cheng Xiao Xiao, completely baffled.

“Miss, allow me to explain it to you!”

Old Man Ying took over the explanation, “On this continent, it was almost like we were restricted by some unseen laws or principles. Most of us here could only cultivate to apex martial emperor then, no matter how hard we try, we would not be able to go any further. Our lifespan is restricted to the 400 or so year because of that, and most of us would not be able to break through beyond that during our life time!”


Seeing how surprised she was, everybody nodded to her. Even Zhu XIangyu, who was only a martial spiritualist, nodded as well. Even he was well aware of what had been going on.

“Legend had it that our continent was but a very small part of the world. There were a bigger world outside of here. With the exception of QIngtian, the founder of Pillar’s Clan, nobody else was able to achieve the level of martial celestialist!”

As the old dean carried on, he seemed to have been lost in his own memory. With a look of both respect and a slight disappointment, he said, “Very few people are aware of martial celetialist here as none of us were even able to break through to martial monarch. Martial celetialist was but a distant dream to us. Only those who had achieved martial celestialist would ever be able to leave this continent; none of us will ever find out how big the world outside of here truly is. That was another issue that cultivators like us face; we all want to travel outside of here to see the world, but we were trapped here!”

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  1. Thank you for the great chapter. Does it mean that once you go to XiaoXiao's space you are no longer part of restricted land? Or do you need to be completely under her control (aka her believer ;)) to freely advance? I'm all for the dean, nun and the other old man joining the Chengs. Can't wait for more. And let XiaoXiao clearly tell abacus that he needs her approval and not her family. She's no puppet you tool!

  2. That shall remain to be discovered through trial and error. =D