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TWQQF ch 352 - Convinced to Move; Misunderstandings and Broken Heart (2)

Rong Jingshi nodded and said, “Okay, I want to see what this girl looks like and how she was able to get our Xuanzun’s attention!”

“HO HO HO….” Mo Yuze couldn’t help but looked happy and prideful when it came to his disciple with unusual talent.

A slight smiled appeared on the pretty face of Mrs. Mo and she said, “It was a good thing that Xuanzun could find a companion. This kid had always been a loner ever since he was just a child and he didn’t really enjoy socializing with others. I am somewhat worried whether the Cheng’s would pick on him purposefully.”

“Wife, you think too much. Xuanzun is not the type that let others pick on him. They would be lucky if he doesn’t pick on them!”

A good master knew his disciple. As his master, Mo Yuze understood his disciple’s character better than his wife. He did not think that his disciple was the type who’d let others walk all over him.

“Nonsense. Our Xun-er is nice and respectful. He will never pick on anyone!” whined Rong Jingshi.

Not wanting to displease his wife, Mo Yuze replied helplessly, “Yes, yes, the wife is always right!”

“Hrm, when are we going to see Xun-er?”

“Maybe in the next few days. Let me take care of a couple more things at hand. Once I have delegate the rest of my tasks, we will head toward Willow Village in Dafeng!”

“Hurry up. Let’s not let Xun-er wait too long!”

“Yes, wife. Your wish is my command!”

“So unctuous…”

The family on this side had quickly decided to go pay a visit. After all, nothing could be more important than matters that have to do with their precious disciple!

Mocheng Province was almost 1,000 li  away from Qing’an Province. Even with the speed of the immortal and mystical cranes, it would still take the two a few hours to arrive at Mocheng Province!

Words on the streets was that Cheng Yu, the Eleventh Elder, had settled down in a town called Chunyang. When the two of them have arrived at Mocheng Province, they stopped to ask for direction toward Chungyang town before continuing on.

After the time of one incense, they could finally see Chunyang town in their sight.

“Not good, Xiao Xiao. They are on the moves. Eleventh Elder is in danger!” said Mo Xuanzun all of a sudden.

At this very moment, Cheng Xiao Xiao could also hear noises from a fight. Needless to say, they came a little too late. All of a sudden, she said furiously, “These damned people…”

The two white cranes flew through the sky and appeared above the courtyard of this remote little town in no time.

What they saw was indescribable. The entire courtyard was destroyed and there were a few dead bodies lying around in the courtyard, their blood a horrifying bright red color. A few men dressed in azure color surrounded a 50-something year old man.

By now, Cheng Xiao Xiao was enraged even had no memories or emotional connections to Eleventh Elder. A cold beam flashed passed her eyes and she exuded killer’s intent.

The appearance of the two did not catch the attention of any of the others; the men in azure seemed to want to capture Eleventh Elder, who was putting up a good fight, as soon as possible.

“Give it up, Eleventh Elder. Why don’t you just head toward Qing’an Province? We didn’t have to do this!” said one of the men in azure, feigning concerns.

“In your dreams! I will not give you what you want even if that means I will die right here!” shouted the blood-covered Eleventh Elder. Waving his sword as though he had no concern for his personal safety, it made it difficult for the men in azure to get close to him.

“Hrm, you shameless people! Have you no morals anymore?” Witnessing this, Mo Xuanzun lift his sleeve slightly and waved at them.

An overwhelming qi rushed toward them like a tsunami!




One by one, the men in azure were thrown onto their back by this qi. It was then when we noticed the two of them who seemed to have appeared out of nowhere.



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