Thursday, September 27, 2018

Black Belly Wife Ch 20.2 - The Inn By The Cliff

Earlier evening, two horse-drawn carriage arrived at an inn off the side of an official road. One was posh and luxurious, the other one old and shabby. They were quite the contrast of each other.

"Patrons, c'mon inside. Dinner or staying overnight?"

As soon as Murong Yun Shu stepped out of the carriage, the server of the inn greeted her obsequiously. "Overnight, two deluxe suites."

"Four," said Nie Qing coldly, his face still pale, looking feeble.

Murong Yun Shu paused for a bit, then silently walked on. She was about to head upstairs when Nie Qing suddenly asked, "Aren't you going to register?"

"You need four rooms for yourself?" She turned around.

Nie Qing was dumbstruck, when did he say he needed four rooms for himself?

"Since you asked for four rooms for everyone, why do I need to go register?" said Murong Yun Shu  matter-of-factly, then walked on without stopped again.

What kind of logic is that? Nie Qing couldn't figure that out.

Lu'er felt bad for him, so she translated, "Master Nie, what my mistress means is, you are responsible for the bill."

"What the hell?" She was the filthily rich one.....

"You were the one who asked for four rooms!" Lu'er suggested "nobody forced you to do so" with her look.

"She said two herself."

"Right, but I belong to the House of Murong, it was only right that she pays for me. But you and Miss Feng are not, that's why mistress only asked for two rooms."

"..... is it really necessary to be so petty?" Gigolo face turned into Judge Bao face1.

"Of course!" Lu'er nodded, then looked at him curiously, "Master Nie, you don't want to have a complicated relationship with my mistress, do you?"

Nie Qing gave her a cold stare, "I'm not crazy."

Lu'er looked enlightened, "That's true. Mistress's husband is the leader of mojiao. You wouldn't dare."

Nie Qing's eyes flickered and begrudgingly went to registered at the front desk. He thought to himself, there are more and more crazies lately.

At the same time, all the diners at one table put their chopsticks and bowls down at the same time, and quietly grabbed their weapons.

It so happened that Feng Ling caught sight of this, she looked at them suspiciously and thought to herself, "These people looked so familiar....." but she couldn't recall where she had seem them before, so she shook her head and skipped upstairs.


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1. Direct translation of the original term 小白 is "little white face", refers to pretty men that are usually kept by wealthy women. I loosely translated into gigolo. Judge Bao was a history figure in the Sung dynasty that was known for being an extremely fair judge. For unknown reasons, in historical drama he was depicted as an individual with much darker skin and a new moon shape scar on his forehead. There was word play here is also from "white" to "black" instantly. :)


  1. Thanks for chapter..aiya, cliffhanger..are they prince?

    1. Guess you will have to find out on Sunday. ;) Wasn't intentionally a cliff hanger... it's when I happened to doze off in front of my computer. LOL